6 Best Kodi Alternatives

For most of us, our devices are not only a medium of communication and getting work done, but also entertainment.

And PCs especially are the hubs, containing all the media files, music, movies and TV shows – the complete series, no less. But to share and manage those files, you need a home theater software.

And Kodi is the most popular. It has some amazing features and add-ons to extend the functions. Kodi is open-source and there is a community of developers trying to make it more usable.

Best Kodi AlternativesAnd to top it all, Kodi is free. However, because of piracy and legal issues, many of its services go offline at regular intervals.

Thus, here we bring the best Kodi replacement apps. These are similar in function and at times, can prove better than Kodi.

And if you know how to use Kodi you will face no difficulty using these. But, before you start using them, get a VPN.

Best VPN for streaming

Many of the Kodi addons give you free access to a vast catalogue of movies and TV series, and that’s, no doubt, illegal. Thus, to keep you protected while streaming pirated content, VPNs prove to be very useful.

VPN for streamingYour ISP knows whatever you do online, but with a VPN service active, they can’t. I use ExpressVPN on my devices. It is available to almost all the streaming devices you can name, Roku, Fire TV, Apple TV and whatnot.

Still, if you can’t find an official ExpressVPN download for your device, the ExpressVPN router app can protect all the apps connected to your router.

With the speed the servers offer, it’s undoubtedly the best VPN NZ users can have. Another VPN software that’s good is CyberGhost.

CyberGhost download also is available on a range of devices, but it’s the free service, which makes it stand out. CyberGhost has a premium version but you can use it for free, and still get a reliable service.

Moreover, VPNs also unblock geo-restricted content by giving your device a virtual IP address. You will need it to get access to many international streaming services like HBO and BBC.

Now, that you have a safe way to watch live streaming,

Best Alternatives to Kodi


When you’re thinking of an alternative to Kodi, Plex should be the first choice. You can stream any media availablePLEX alternative for Kodi on the local network, is the best media server software and also is a home theatre software.

You can install it on your PC, watch your audio and video, and even share it with other devices on the same network.

Plex is available for Android and iOS, and also streaming devices like Roku and Chromecast. Moreover, Plex can run on low-powered client devices too, as the server application takes care of transcoding the media to a compatible format. With a subscription of $5 a month, you can also enjoy cloud sync.

Whether it’s Plex or Kodi, you get support for the popular streaming services. Plex has a variety of streaming channels ranging from entertainment to news.


Stremio is a media server application that you can set up on Windows, Mac and even Linux. Sign in and start creating your media library. Similar to Kodi, some of the ultimate Stremio addons let you watch movies, TV series and live streaming channels.

There are many free services available like Crackle and YouTube. If you’re a fan of shows on Twitch and Netflix, they are also there. You need to sign into the respective accounts though.

And when you’re ready with your library, you can sign into your Stremio account on any device and start watching them.

The addons are installed on the cloud, and thus, you need no additional set up on the client device. As of now, you can use Stremio on Android, iOS and Fire TV devices.


Emby works in a way similar to Plex and is an open-source Plex alternative. Although not as developed as Plex, Emby can prove to be a good Kodi alternative.

It has options for live TV and also managing recordings stored in DVR (with premiere subscription). You can also use Emby to stream your media to local devices over a network easily.

And it transcodes the files to a format supported by the device. Emby download is available for many streaming devices including Roku, Chromecast, gaming consoles and smart TVs. Emby premiere starts at $4.99/month and can bring you features like Cloud Sync and voice control with Alexa.

Semper Media Centre

If you’re on the lookout for an application like Kodi, Semper Media Centre (or SPMC) is the one. It’s a Kodi fork developed by Koying, who worked for XBMC.

It works the same as Kodi and addons that you use on Kodi, are available to use on SPMC builds too.

The only probable disadvantage of SPMC is that it’s an “Android-minded fork” and is available only for the devices running on Android. The application, however, runs on Amazon Fire devices also.

Popcorn Time

A new Kodi alternative still in development is Popcorn Time. It is for those who love streaming. Popcorn Time uses the BitTorrent protocol to bring you HD movies and TV shows.

Popcorn Time alternative for KodiYou need no addons to get your favourite videos, and everything is available a search away. It searches the torrent indexing sites and brings you the best files available for your requirement.

For now, Popcorn Time runs on Android, Windows, Mac, iOS and also Ubuntu (Linux) but you can expect more platforms with further development. Do remember to switch on your VPN to escape charges of any illegal streaming.


Another alternative for Kodi Android users is the KokoTime media player. It can stream media from the local network and also, over the Internet with the available add-ons.

Yes, it’s similar to Kodi, but can also source and download subtitles for your media automatically. The app although free has a paid version too.

KokoTime premium features ad-free content and Chromecast support among others. This Kodi alternate software, however, runs only on Android and Amazon devices.

Well, those were some of the best Kodi alternative available. But some of them like Plex and Emby, also have addons for Kodi.

So, you can embed them in your Kodi app, take trials and decide before making the final switch

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