The Best Free VPN New Zealand

What is a Free VPN?

There are two types of free VPN service floating around. Ones which are associated with VPN service providers and are limited versions of their premium counterparts.
Then there are the entirely free VPN’s which have no association and are best avoided when possible.

The free VPN’s which you will find are associated with larger VPN providers in most cases, offer the same functionality albeit with slight differences. These are the ones we will be focusing on rather than a VPN from what are unknown entities.

tunnelbear button500mb Data Per Month
20 Countries
5 Devices
Speed: Fast
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cyberghost buttonUnlimited Bandwidth
30 Days Risk Free
1250 Servers Worldwide
5 Devices
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hotspot shield button500 MB per day
1 Country
Data Encryption
1 Device
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protonvpn button3 Countries
1 Device
Speed: Low
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One other thing we will try to wrangle out is the fact a free VPN in Europe or the USA might not be a free VPN New Zealand users should consider using.

Do I need a VPN?

Every second a user spends online the more they are open to threats of one form or another. In some instances, these threats might not affect your system like a hacker who has broken in.
They can, though be a threat to your privacy. This is something we hear about each day, and the situation is only going to become worse.

Large ISP’s log all that we do and either use this information for their purposes, or they are urged by their local governments to retain this data. The fight against terrorism is the primary reason behind all our online lives being kept.

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In reality, it goes much deeper than this and could end up where all access to the internet might be restricted. Countries like China already have limited access, and some UK websites have content which requires geo unblocking to be able to view it.

If the daily news is restricted, the freedom of choice and free speech becomes limited, and users are only allowed access to what governments deem is suitable.

Data retention laws are out of hand, and Australian ISP’s are requested to hold user data for two years. If any user uses P2P file-sharing or downloads torrents, all of this will be recorded and could be used any time it is requested.

Tracking is a significant issue, and where users always thought it was from the bad guys. Most of this tracking is coming from the people we should be able to trust.

The Best Free VPN Services for 2019

TunnelBear review

1. Tunnelbear


  • Does not keep logs
  • Will Work on all major devices
  • Simple to use
  • Suitable for limited video streaming and light downloads


  • Monthly data limit is small (500mb)
  • Lack of advanced settings
  • It now falls inside a 5-eyes zone
  • Less than efficient customer support
  • Torrenting or Netflix not supported

TunnelBear Review

TunnelBear is one of the more reputed VPN free service providers you can find on the internet. It does come with a host of features such as its ease of use. It then has what they term VigilantBear. This locks all of your traffic until a VPN connection has been established.

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One of the highest features they have is the level of security through their AES 256-bit encryption they offer. Another feature we found in this TunnelBear review was GhostBear. With this feature, the question is TunnelBear safe; the answer is a firm yes.

If VPN’s are blocked in any country the GhostBear feature masks all IP addresses, so it is even less detectable to ISP’s and governments who block VPN usage. A significant downside is a fact TunnelBear Netflix isn’t supported as is the downloading of torrents. Another is their overall number of server sites with only 350 internet connections covering 20 countries.

Any user who resides in New Zealand or even Australia might find that having 5 devices being able to connect at once, isn’t enough to make TunnelBear a viable option for that geographic location.

It is a shame as TunnelBear out of the box can work quite well. It is let down though, by lack of coverage, limited support options and speeds are not the highest even in geographic locations where they have plenty of server coverage.

download CyberGhost

2. Cyberghost


  • No Logging
  • Unlimited bandwidth and data usage
  • Based outside of the 5-eyes regions
  • Torrents and Netflix supported
  • Affordable plans
  • Secure


  • Free VPN Services has mixed internet reviews
  • Not the fastest speeds
  • Works out expensive for shorter periods

CyberGhost Review

What is CyberGhost VPN? It is a top name among VPN service providers. Their offering is a seven-day free version where you have a chance to test all the new features the virtual private networks brings.

Get Cyberghost

If you sign up and are not happy with your free trial, Cyberghost offers a 30-day money return guarantee. This New Zealand VPN free trial gives access to over 1,000 servers which are located in over 20 countries. This provides excellent coverage, and even New Zealand and Australia have servers which make a refreshing change.

Once you download CyberGhost and install it, you will be presented with a screen where all of the primary options are shown. Here you can see Ghost Browsing, Ghost streaming, Ghost Wi-Fi, Ghost Downloads and Ghost AntiCensor. This makes it easy for new users to click a service, and the optimal connection is established.

The company behind CyberGhost VPN is based in Romania. This makes it well out of reach of any 5-eyes jurisdiction. Adding to this, any user who is wondering is CyberGhost safe.

This would be a yes as they pass all the tests for DNS leaks and their encryption is as good as any of the other market leaders.

Hotspot Shield review

3. Hotspot Shield Free


  • Fast Connections
  • 750 Mb data allowance each day
  • Killswitch included
  • Ad Blocker and Cookie blocker
  • High level of security


  • No Netflix or BBC iPlayer on the free package
  • Slow customer support response
  • Data collected for marketing purposes
  • Only 1 server accessible on the free option

Hotspot Shield Free Review

The Hotspot Shield download is straightforward, and installation is a breeze. Hotspot can be used as a standalone version in its own right as long as you are content with the data cap and the other small niggles which come with it.

Get Hotspot Shield

Every device you install the client onto is treated as a separate account so it can be installed on as many machines you have. One concern which was raised when researching for this Hotspot Shield review is the parent company own marketing business, so your data is used to create a profit by being sold on to third parties. Java code is also inserted into sites where users visit to display adverts.

Apart from these quibbles. The free option is a step to getting users to sign up for Hotspot Shield Elite which is the premium addition to the family. The company is inside the 5-eyes jurisdiction, which could be another downside for some users.

On the server front. No numbers are given, however over 20 countries are supported. On the whole, it is a secure and trusted service when the full option is used, but the free option only allows access to the US server, so this is the only region you can access the internet from.

protonvpn review

4. ProtonVPN


  • No data cap – Unlimited usage
  • Good levels of privacy
  • Strict no-logging policy


  • Speeds throttled intentionally
  • No P2P file sharing
  • Limited coverage
  • No Netflix support at this time

ProtonVPN Review

The company behind the service in this ProtonVPN Review is based in Switzerland, which makes it outside of any 5-eyes, fourteen eyes or anyone who wishes to obtain user data. Although the company is new on the scene of VPN services. They have a solid background in other areas.
With 14 countries being supported and only 112 servers, any user who is looking for the best free VPN in New Zealand should consider trying the free option.

Get ProtonVPN

Proton VPN ranks highly on DNS leak protection and has a kill switch as standard. Built into the app is support for Tor VPN so you can further hide your traffic from view. Other items on the upside are P2P file sharing is supported, and up to 10 devices can be connected simultaneously.

Unfortunately, most of these are only available in the premium version. For the free option, you get 1 device and throttled speed with connections to 3 countries.

New Zealand free VPN

Free Vs. Paid VPN service?

Everyone looks for a free option for software if there are available ones. VPN services are no different, and although many offer a free variant of their service, they are looking to entice these free users to pay customers.

The saying you don’t get something for anything, and a free VPN service is another instance. On the front, they might appear a free option.
However, things happen in the background that unaware users will know anything about.

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30-day Money Back guarantee

User Bandwidth

On occasions, some companies will sell bandwidth which should be allocated to the end-users. This will turn a system into a botnet, and the company who has purchased this bandwidth is free to use it as they wish.
If this happens, it is the user IP address which shows should there be any wrongdoing.

Selling User Data

As was mentioned. The free Hotspot Shield has been found to sell on user information. Many others have the opportunity to do this, even if they encrypt your data and appear to be user-friendly

FeaturesFree VPNPaid VPN
P2P (Torrenting)NoYes
Unlimited BandwidthNoYes
Limited Server CoverageYesno
High Data SpeedsNoYes
Money Back GuaranteeNoYes
Secure Protocols IncludedNoYes
24/7 CustomerNoYes
Ad blockingNoYes

Scripts and Advertising

Some free VPN’s use their client software as a base to show adverts. Scripts can also be added to websites you visit to display advertisements which are personalised on your browsing habits.

Many companies take advantage of end-user geographic locations. Free VPN New Zealand providers being no exception. As all data is tunnelled through their New Zealand VPN server. These companies have access to any data which passes.

It doesn’t matter what their privacy policy states. Free VPN in New Zealand should be approached with caution unless it is from a reputable company.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are Free VPNs safe?

If the free options of VPN come from a well-known VPN provider, then the free VPN service should be safe. There are some limitations with some New Zealand free VPN providers.

Are Free VPNs worth it?

No guarantees are made with free software or services. For casual usage or light travelling, they might be worth using. For heavy internet users, this might not be the case.

How Do I Test a Free VPN?

Some free New Zealand VPN providers offer a free VPN where some provide a 7-day free usage. These require payment details to be entered. Note: *remember to cancel within 7-days if unsatisfied*
As with the free offering, you download the client and run the service as usual. Either your time limit will come to an end, or your bandwidth allocation will be used up.

Can a Free VPN access American Netflix?

More often, the answer is no. It is hard work for VPNs to access US Netflix. This is usually a service they save for their premium VPN service.

What is the Best Free VPN for Mac?

Apple doesn’t make it easy for software providers to take control of devices. VPN software can fall into this area. The VPN best free solution for Mac might not be the best New Zealand VPN free option. With this in mind and as a starting point. TunnelBear is best for users of a Mac who are looking for a New Zealand free VPN.

What is the Best Free VPN for Android?

Hotspot-Shield-VPN-Proxy is the best for Android. As the name suggests, this is not a full VPN service. It is a VPN proxy which doesn’t offer a full range of features and is only any good for the browser you have the VPN extension installed upon. It also supports in-app purchases and advertisements.


There are many free VPNs users can choose from, and the list extends far past the ones shown above. What users need to remember is none will provide a full solution when compared to a paid-for service. This is the only way you can be sure of the best protection, privacy, and the best global coverage.

Ultimately this will give the best download speeds while offering support for P2P file-sharing, torrenting and geo-blocked content access. A free plan should be used for what they are intended for. A means of testing a premium package. This is more crucial in areas such as New Zealand and Australia or other far-reaching locations where server support is weak.

Speeds will plummet if the VPN server is located on a distant continent. Even some of the premium packages offer limited support in these areas, so testing a free package to make sure it works as expected in New Zealand can decide on which premium service fits all your needs and offers the best for your money.

The best VPN NZ might cost a little more, but when you are guaranteed, all of your needs will be met, and all your connections can be catered for. Privacy and security are worth the cost.