What are the 7 Best Torrent Websites for New Zealanders

With sites shutting down and mirrored ones coming to the mainstream, the list keeps on changing. But the avid torrent users are happy as long as get what they want, no matter what the source is. Well, these are the top torrent websites for our users in New Zealand:

Best Torrent Websites for New Zealanders

fast torrenting is a must

Top Torrent Sites

1. The Pirate Bay

The Pirate Bay (abbreviated as TPB) continues to be the leader when talking about user preference. It is also the oldest site among others in the list. It has been around in various avatars and is currently available in its original thepiratebay.org form.

2. RARBGRARBG for New Zealand

Although RARBG doesn’t have a great interface, it is popular among the video lovers (the pirates). The RARBG torrent site is full of quality, high-resolution contents but has been in a low profile since its start in 2008, until recently.

3. ExtraTorrent

ExtraTorrent’s active community has led to its growing user-base. And the site extratorrent.com has been preferred by the release groups.

4. YTS.AGYTS.AG for New Zealand

Frequently thought of like the new version of YIFY, users know YTS.AG for its vast collection of movie torrents. High-quality contents along with a neat and clean interface have got it an excellent reputation.


It is a release group, and although the EZTV shows collection is not huge you can find quality torrents on EZTV.AG. It updates its content on a daily basis and thus is popular.

6. 1337x1337x for New Zealand

This site has recently grabbed the limelight after popular sites getting shut. 1337x has a broad range of movies, shows, and games.

7. IsoHunt

Beginning in 2003, this site too has gone through a lot of changes and is a trendy one. IsoHunt is known to have loads of pirated contents.

These are some of the best torrent sites, but you may find most (or all) of them blocked by the government when you try to access them. Honorable mention goes to KAT (KickAssTorrrents)

Why are these sites blocked

The BitTorrent protocol is one of the most common protocols that people use for distributing a large amount of data. And the most common of this data are video files and software files.

Torrenting itself isn’t illegal but downloading copyrighted materials over this P2P service is. And millions of people use these sites to download movies and shows unethically. This scenario has thus forced the government to block access to these sites.

Use VPN for torrenting

Well, if you are not able to access the main sites, there are many proxy and mirror sites that can cater to your needs. They have their own ways to bypass the block and let you access the contents. But the best thing would be to use a VPN service.

Downloading copyrighted materials could get you in trouble sometime or the other. A Virtual Private Network (VPN) encrypts any data transferred to and from your computer and thus, seems practical to use; while torrenting.
The proxies and mirrors working now may not be working the next time. You can expect more action soon and thus using a VPN online seems just about right.

VPN for torrentingWith a masked IP address, no one can trace the file location to you. There is a host of VPNs which have services favourable to torrents, but with ExpressVPN NZ, the torrent download is a breeze.

It has come out to be one of the best VPN for P2P file sharing. And the reason lies in their quality of service. The average speeds have been found to be better than the others, and the 256-bit encryption provides a high level of security.

Not lagging behind, is NordVPN. It has similar service quality to that of ExpressVPN and offers almost the same features, at a lesser price though.

Both of them have a no-logs policy, and the speed is not bad if you need to use the streaming services. NordVPN servers are plenty in number to help you unblock the Internet.

fast torrenting is a must

Apart from blocking, ISPs at times throttle BitTorrent (and other types of) traffic, thus making them very slow. It can happen even when you are downloading legal torrents. You can then torrent on a VPN to get faster speeds.

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