The Best VPN for Torrenting in New Zealand

Downloading torrents (torrenting) is highly frowned upon in a significant number of countries around the world.

Such is the concern of this contention that many ISP’s have been asked to block an ever-growing number of websites in various countries which are renowned for enabling users to partake in the act of piracy.

Here we will take a look at all aspects of torrenting, how it works, how it can affect you and is all of it illegal as it is made out to be.

We will also find out which is the best VPN to use in New Zealand for all torrents because when you are tarred as downloading torrents, you will always be tarred as downloading torrents.

Torrenting P2P protocol

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What is Torrenting?

Torrenting is the act of downloading files using a P2P protocol. This in itself is only a means of file transfer and in no way illegal.

Because of the efficient delivery method, some large companies have also looked at using this type of protocol for software delivery.

When you download torrents, you need to make use of specialized software that searches for the requested file from many different sources. It then takes parts from other users who have this file to make the download process quicker.

Because of the way torrenting works, there are a vast number of torrent search engines that users can visit and find these links to the desired file they wish to download.

The types of files that can be downloaded in this manner include movie torrents, eBooks, TV shows and games software among many other file formats.

torrenting illegal in New ZealandIs Torrenting Illegal in New Zealand?

With the above information so far, there are huge numbers of users who continually ask is torrenting illegal in New Zealand.

As we have just seen, the act of torrenting, or the torrent client software used to accomplish this, isn’t illegal in any form, but as soon as you download copyright-protected content, then this is classed as piracy, and then it becomes a criminal activity.

Adding to this, there is the issue of privacy for users on the internet, and as you will see, using a VPN service for most of your online activity is advisable.

VPN’s do enable you to access blocked content, download torrents that do step on copyright toes and bypass censorship. Luckily, New Zealand at present is pretty much restriction free.

There is though a voluntary filtering system in place (Digital Child Exploitation Filtering System) which is run by the Department of Internal Affairs.

If an ISP wishes to join, this service uses Films, Videos, and Publications Classification Act 1993 as a justification of prohibiting content that is deemed objectionable.

Without going into too many details, this act is geared toward any material that supports sexual abuse, child exploitation, torture or the infliction of cruelty and violence. Aside from this act, there is not much that New Zealand blocks.

Surveillance though is a different issue, and back when Edward Snowden revealed many countries that were performing mass surveillance. New Zealand was included.

This surveillance showed the GCSB could track everything users did online, every call that was made, and every message which was sent.

With this, it is all the more reason to use a VPN to protect yourself while online, no matter what you are doing.

When users are torrenting, ISP’s can tell you are doing this because there is a digital footprint with every file that is downloaded or uploaded.

This differs from streaming from services such as Netflix, Hulu or the BBC iPlayer which leave no trace. In the case of torrenting, they can see you torrenting activity, but they don’t know what you are downloading.

Best Torrent SitesBest Torrent Sites for 2019

With all of the above scaremongering out of the way, we will take a look at some of the more popular torrent sites you can find around the internet.

With a good VPN service, you can access these torrent sites safely and securely, so here are the top torrent sites you can still use in no particular order.

Torrent SiteSite Overview
The Pirate BayThis site has been around forever, and the interface still looks like it was the original one. It has had and is still having problems, but it has one of the most extensive lists of torrents available.
KAT (KickAss Torrents)This was another site that has had more than its fair share of problems. It is one of the best and can be found at Just beware of mirror sites that use the same name.
YTS.AM/ YTS.AGThis doesn’t have the most significant number of torrent links available, but every one they post is excellent quality.
RARBGThis site is for P2P enthusiasts and also has high-quality download links. They put quality over quantity, and there is a depth of content though not the largest
1337XThis can be ideal for the more obscure or older torrents. It again doesn’t offer a massive number, but it is a handy place to search every now and again
Popcorn TimeThis isn’t a torrent site in the same sense as downloading the files. It uses the protocol to stream content to your PC, so if you are okay with watching a movie on your laptop, then it can be a quick way of watching without waiting.
LimeTorrentsThis has grown over time and now hosts a large number of torrent links. It did use to have a few fake files listed, but that seems to have changed.
Torrentz2Sky Torrents With a clean interface and a massive This is like a directory, and its torrent indexer looks to other torrent sites when you search. This could be a solution to find something without too much searching.
Sky TorrentsWith a clean interface and a massive database of over 1 million, there should be something for everyone.
ZoogleLast but not least, and another that hosts a vast number of legitimate torrent links.

With all of the torrent sites offered, it is easy to see why there are so many users who make use of torrenting on a daily basis.

It also shows why there is such a struggle to stamp it out by the studios and ISP’s that are influenced to do their part.

With everything you see above, it is time to take a look at VPN’s for torrenting. Stopping any data retention, or leaving yourself open for receiving a copyright infringement notice is something every NZ user should be concerned about.

Top NZ VPNTop VPN’s for Torrenting in NZ

 NordVPNPrivate Internet Access VPNTunnelBearExpressVPN
Allows torrentingYesYesYesYes
Download speeds to NZAbove Average – some unreliable serversAbove AverageSlowVery Fast – torrent optimized servers
Countries served60372094+
Based in 5-eyes jurisdictionNo – But linked to a US companyYes – US-basedYes - CanadaNo – Located in BVI
Zero logging policyYesYesNo – Logs OS, App version, monthly dataYes
Money back guarantee30-day but can take 30 days for a refund7-day onlyNo Money back guarantee30-day no quibble
Customer supportQuick via email – Live chat not shown with ad blocker enabledNo live chatQuick via ticket systemInstant – 24/7 live chat
Ease of useEasy to useBare interface does nothing for ease of useEasy to useVery easy – sets the standard
Netflix AccessYesNoNoYes

All of the above VPN services are paid for options, and a good number of users think free VPN’s are enough to get around masking their IP address while torrenting.

A free VPN should never be used because they don’t offer the same level of protection or service, and there is generally a monthly data cap.

Even if the free service is being provided from one of the major companies, it is a short free period so just a trial, or it is a cut-back version of their premium offering. One way they restrict their service is to limit the number of VPN servers users can access, this will make connections slower because the optimum server might be out of use.

Free versions also make users pay in other ways, this is more often than not, ad-supported or user data is collected and sold on to third-party marketing companies.

Best Torrenting VPN in New Zealand

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Final Thoughts for the Best Torrenting VPN in New Zealand

It is a fact, most people who are involved in torrenting are involved in downloading copyrighted content.

With all of the focus on trying to combat piracy, it will be end users who face the ultimate consequences if the governing agencies are unable to close down all of the torrent sites listed, and the many more that are on the internet.

It is vital that NZ users take every precaution they can when choosing the best torrent VPN.

There will, unfortunately, be a cost, but when online privacy is a concern, it is a small price to pay especially if there are other family members involved.

The table above clearly shows the best VPN service for security, torrenting and one which NZ users should definitely consider using before firing up their chosen BitTorrent client to download something.

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