How to Watch Better Call Saul

Spin-offs rarely meet up to the original show that they were taken. However, Better Call Saul came from one of the best TV shows ever written.

Breaking Bad was pure genius, and Jimmy McGill was one of the standout supporting characters.

The small-town lawyer climbed his way up to the top of the heap, and the show can be seen as a Breaking Bad prequel because it was in the early days before Saul made an appearance.

Watch Better Call Saul Online

The award-winning show was written by the same writer, so the pedigree is there. Fans of the show are keen for Better Call Saul season 5, but there are good news and bad news on this front.

We will look at the show and the entire goings-on, and then we will see where you can access all the back episodes of the first four seasons.

Things change quickly in the streaming world, and it is no different with this show from many others.

You can waste hours trying to find the show online, but it has found a new home. There is no need to panic.

This guide shows what you need to do exactly to stream Better Call Saul from wherever you are in the world.

What Has Happened to Better Call Saul?

There is good news and bad news for fans of the show. In April 2019, AMC President of Entertainment Networks Sarah Barnett dropped a bombshell.

AMC is facing their own struggles, and casualties, unfortunately, end up being the shows they produce. She went on to say decisions are “driven by talent needs,” and they would not override if it would result in a worse show that was not fitting for this series.

From the actors to the writer Vince Gilligan, there is no way any of them would want a result in a worse show because this would tar the entire show.

Therefore, with no undergoing work at the moment, release dates are still sketchy, yet they are touting early 2020 for Better Call Saul season 5.

Aside from this, there is also the Breaking Bad movie El Camino that will be arriving this year, and there is a good chance Saul Goodman and Johnathan Banks as Mike Ehrmantraut may make an appearance. Finger crossed there will be a few scenes with Walter White along the way.

In an interview with Vulture, co-creator Peter Gould also said that there might not be too many seasons left, and they are closer to the end of Call Saul than they are to the beginning.

For now, every fan who is waiting was left hanging with season 4; episode 10 where Jimmy starts to turn the page on his reputation, and Mike is in the mix trying to make a difficult decision.

The good news is, there is one place online you can go to watch Better Call Saul online, which is easier to do with a virtual private network than you may imagine.

Full Episode of Better Call Saul on AMC

Watching Better Call Saul on AMC

AMC was the home of Better Call Saul, however, just like Breaking Bad, you can head to the website page for the show, and at first glance, you can watch episodes from every season.

However, once you click to play, you get the message “Full Episode is Not Currently Available to Stream, Watch Extras Below.”

This only leaves the next streaming service you can find the show. If you wish to watch AMC live, there is more to this than using a VPN to connect.

You need to sign up to AMC Premier to watch live TV, yet to sign up you are required to have a TV provider.

You may think this is not possible to do, yet there are a few streaming services which have AMC in their channel listings.

Some of the most popular streaming services in the USA can be easy to sign up to and offer lots of great content from AMC and many other channels that come as part of their bundles.

Free trials may be a little light, and one of them Sling TV no longer offers a free period, yet they do give a 40% discount for the first month.

YouTube TV and FuboTV offer one-week trials, and you can cancel at any time before this is up.

In fact, is Saul was on AMC, it would not be possible to see every episode free. However, Netflix America has a great surprise up its sleeve for new subscribers.

Watch Better Call Saul on Netflix

As it stands, the current home to Call Saul is Netflix. This means that fans have no choice to head in that direction to catch back episodes.

This will also be true when El Camino the Breaking Bad movie arrives later in the year.

Netflix is often seen, as being the toughest on viewers who use VPN’s to bypass geo-restrictions and access the platform from outside the USA.

Such is the degree to what some VPN’s struggle with, they stop promoting this as a service for their VPN. Luckily, the recommendation here is often seen as the best streaming VPN for Netflix.

There is one thing which makes this streaming platform easy to access for foreign fans of Saul, and that is one account serves you for whatever country you reside in.

When you sign up, you can travel and login in any country and gain access. The content you see will be specific to that region because of broadcasting rights; there are specific shows that can only be shown in certain regions.

This is the case with Call Saul, and it is here where a VPN comes into use. If you have a Netflix account already, you can skip to the next section to see how a VPN covers your identity and location.

Here are the guidelines to create a Netflix account.

  1. Navigate to ‘’ web page
  2. Click on the red ‘Join Free for a Month’ button.
  3. Click ‘See the Plans.’
  4. Enter your email address and create your password
  5. Click on the ‘Register’ button
  6. Select your payment. Select one of the payment options that best suits you
  7. Click on ‘Start Membership’
  8. Select the devices and click on ‘Continue’

Streaming VPN to watch Better Call Sau on Netflix

Watching Netflix with a VPN

When you are outside the USA and want to watch Better Call Saul, Netflix USA does its best to stop you from watching any of the content.

ExpressVPN, which is the recommendation, is often seen as the ultimate streaming VPN for a few reasons.

First is that it bypasses any geo-restrictions for streaming sites, and not only in the USA. This VPN enables you to switch servers as much as they wish.

This means you can be watching Call Saul and then change the server to the UK and watch something on the BBC iPlayer within a minute or so.

No VPN is any use for remote regions if they do not have a large network, and have servers in remote regions.

This VPN has a network of optimized servers that cover every region, no matter how remote.

All VPN’s do slow a connection, but the degree of this varies considerably. Some can cut the speed in half, but this VPN can deliver almost full speeds.

With HD content, there comes a considerable amount of bandwidth usage. This means fast speeds are vital to prevent any buffering.

Along with this is ISP’s which try to slow down connections to preserve their overall network bandwidth.

Once you start your VPN client, your online activities are encrypted, so your ISP cannot see you are streaming.

Their automatic system will not start so you can maintain full speed for the rest of your family.

One of the best things with this VPN is that you have chance to take the company up on their 30-day money-back guarantee.

If you find a reason where the service does not suit you, then they ask no questions and give you a full refund.

Many providers want to resolve issues before they hand back any money, and then they can take a couple of weeks to do so.

If you sign up for both services together, this means you can use them in tandem. With Netflix, VPN both delivering a month before you need to pay anything, this means you can take your time and do some serious Better Call Saul streaming before these periods come to an end.

If you may think you will forget, you do not need to worry because Netflix will give you a reminder three days before your free trial comes to an end.

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