The 6 Best Sites for Book Torrents

We know that torrents are a hot topic and continually face a backlash from governing bodies. They struggle to keep piracy in check, but unfortunately for them, they keep failing.

Torrents can range from the latest TV shows, movies, and music. These topics among a few others are more than enough to cater for most people needs.

There is another group of people who wish to download content which doesn’t fit into any of these categories, and that is readers.

Downloads of eBooks have risen, but it can be a struggle to find sites that offer what you are looking for.

Here are five of the best eBook torrent sites, you can use to download most of all reading matter that you could desire.

It should be noted, it might not appear downloading books is as bad as downloading the latest movie, but governing bodies are after anyone who downloads torrent files, so making use of VPN software is as crucial for downloading an eBook as it is for any other type of torrent.

Top Torrent Sites for Books

The Pirate Bay1. The Pirate Bay

It is hard to keep something like the Pirate Bay off the internet for long. There are too many followers to let it roll over and die.

With all the struggles, you can come across dead links for this site, but there are plenty of mirrors you can navigate to and be presented with the same user interface you are used to.

Although there is no books category for searching for books on the Pirate Bay, all you need to do is type in the search box and hit enter.

You will be presented with all the options they have for all of their listings for eBook torrents.

The good thing with this site is, they even have a list of proxy sites you can browse through to see which are up and running without problems.

There are so many ISP’s around the globe blocking access to this site. With all of its mirrors being taken and changing, the only way for many users to access it is by using a VPN service.

Project Gutenberg2. Project Gutenberg

Although this isn’t a torrent site like others, it does give access to a massive amount of books, and from the screen, it looks like they have lots of catalogues to choose from.

Project Gutenberg is a collection of catalogues from various other sites, and with their monthly updates, the number available continues to grow at an astounding rate.

There are over 57,000 free eBooks to browse through with a focus on older works where there is no copyright. It might not offer current titles because of this, but it deserves a place on this list all the same.

Kickass Torrents4. Kickass Torrents

Another old favourite which has had its troubles with governing agencies is KickAss Torrents.

Although the main site is no longer available, there is a proxy site which delivers the same performance albeit with a different interface.

Early in the history of the site, it became more popular than the PB due to the links being more up to date and actually leading to a torrent file.

It has, and still faces lots of attention, so again a VPN is advised to avoid anyone seeing you are visiting KAT for downloading any eBooks.

Nowadays KAT continually changes their domain names, so it is a matter of checking, and on occasion, you might find a bookmarked link no longer works.

The library of books available is impressive, and on the main screen, there is no option for books, so either type the book title, or type in eBooks and then browse through the results.

ExtraTorrent5. ExtraTorrent

At this point, this review was supposed to be adding, but while doing research, it was found the site requires you to join now.

Although they have a massive category list, they can’t be recommended because you can’t progress further unless you join.

There is also no guarantee free is safe after entering, so to be safe we opted for ExtraTorrent.

This popular torrent site is an old favourite, and when searching for books, there were well over 141,000 torrents listed in lots of subcategories.

Also hosted on the site are releases by both ETTV and the ETRG release groups. This in itself should show how high quality their downloads are.

The site has been around for years, and although not as popular as the bigger names, it doesn’t attract the same attention from ISP’s and governing bodies searching for copyright infringement.

Like all good torrent sites, it is an excellent place for all of the movie, show and games torrents you might be looking for, and should only be searched via a VPN to be on the safe side.

FreeBookSpot6. FreeBookSpot

This is another site that gives you the option of registering with them. With over 90 categories to choose from it is easy to see why they are asking users to register.

FreeBookSpot registration is free and appears to be harmless, but to be safe, we recommend using a VPN so you can mask your location and protect yourself while downloading free eBooks from this site.

The interface is a little old-fashioned, but behind it is a treasure trove of books just waiting for the most avid readers to find their favourite books.

EbookeeHonourable Mentions

These are the best book torrenting sites you can find and using these; there is almost nothing you can’t find.

While doing research, there were one or two other sites found where you could download eBook in a quick and easy fashion, but they didn’t have the wealth and depth of the sites in the top 5.

Ebookee was one other we found, but although this had lots of categories to choose from, it was another site which wanted to redirect you before the file was available for download.

Up to that point, the information on the books is top notch, but to grab a book quickly isn’t possible.

We also checked the site and it is hard to tell if it has been updated in a while, or they just haven’t changed their copyright dates toward the bottom of their site pages.

They do have one unique feature where users can see subcategories like recently viewed, top 10, or latest added, etc.

The second honourable mention is Planet e-Book, and although it is easy to use, it missed a place in the top 5 because it doesn’t have the most extensive library of books on offer.

Planet e book is easy to navigate, and it can be an option to check for some titles which aren’t found on any of the other book torrent downloads sites mentioned above.

Although the library isn’t the largest, it is one of the best platforms for classic fiction, and books can be downloaded in as little as 3-clicks.

Using a VPN for Downloading Book Torrents

There are lots of keen readers who make use of bookstores, or Amazon to fill their reading needs, but they are still unaware they can get many of the same for free when using any of the sites mentioned above.

The downside is that many works which are still in copyright carry the same risk as downloading any other kind of torrent, so there is lots of attention focused on book torrent sites.

Using a VPN can quickly bypass these prying eyes from the DMCA, and make it safe for users to visit their favourite torrent site to download their chosen book.

Although book file sizes are nowhere near as video or show files, download speeds are crucial for any VPN provider to deliver on. With this and many other factors, it is advisable to use a VPN for torrenting.

These services bring countless other benefits, and when you see the book torrent sites that ask for registration, you can spoof your location, so even these have no idea where you are situated.

A book seems harmless, but you still go through all of the same channels to download one via a torrent. Your IP address is visible, and ISP’s with user monitoring can see what you are doing, and the sites you are visiting.

This is truer when trying to access sites like Pirate Bay when in a country which has blocked access to it.

All this is very similar to geo-blocked content, but this time it is at the internet service provider level and not a streaming service that is imposing restrictions.

It is better to be safe, and choosing the top VPN for New Zealand can be signed up for quicker than you can find the book you are searching for. From the moment you install the client software, you find yourself protected.

This is well worth doing because even though readers love reading, the last they want to read over breakfast is a copyright infringement notice.