How to Watch CBC Online in New Zealand

CBS is Canada’s TV network and has access to many great shows and their video access portal “CBS All Access.”

As with all TV networks around the world, this is locked for Canadian viewers only, yet there is you can get around this restriction, and it all it requires is you use one of the best VPN services which are available.

CBC live stream


What this means is, you able to watch all of the CBC live stream hockey while at home in New Zealand.

How it Works

The VPN you choose will encrypt your data which protects you from online threats; the software changes your IP address, so all websites think, you are located in a different region to what you are.

To access CBC content, you will tell your VPN to connect to a Canadian proxy; this will make you appear as if you are located in Canada, and allow you to tune into any live stream or the CBC player.

How to Use a VPN

Express VPN To access CBC

1. One of the top-rated VPN’s at the moment is Express VPN which can make it simple for you to connect and tune into CBC hockey night in Canada live stream.
2. Visit the Express VPN website and sign up to create an account.
3. Download and install their VPN client software.
4. When you first run their software, you will be asked to input an activation code. (Available from confirmation email)
5. Once this code has been inputted, you are ready to start the app and ready to go.
6. To connect to CBC, all you have to do is select a Canadian server which will be available from a list and then hit the connect button.

The most VPN software is installed and runs in the same manner, and will allow you to connect to a CBC live stream or to stream CBC from any location, although this may only be available on the device you have the VPN software installed on. Express VPN does have a few options available for different device usage and VPN sharing, yet for a limited number of devices in your home.

One of the main questions that anyone asks regarding express VPN is, does express VPN work? The simple answer is yes, yet there maybe a couple of restriction for what is viewable from TV network restriction (namely Netflix).

The Right Option for You

As you can see from the steps required to connect to a CBC hockey stream, it is a simple procedure. However, some software may include different set-up options, and unfortunately, some software you find, either have limited options or availability of connections, as well as reduced internet speeds.

CBC hockey streamExpress VPN seems to have addressed a few of these concerns, yet it has a monthly fee which can be expensive compared to other options.

If you wish to tune into all the rich content that is provided by CBC in Canada and you have users in your home who use the CBC player quite a lot, this sort of charge may be justifiable.

All that said and done, good VPN software can help to enrich everyone’s internet experience in your home by securing their connections, and allowing them to view sites that are limited to each country.

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