How to Change Region on PS4

There are plenty of reasons PS4 owners need to change regions on their PS4.

This can be to access games that are only available in another PlayStation Store, or, they want to access streaming services that are region locked.

As it stands, the PS4 will link your online ID to your PSN stores region. This also means you are unable cross the PlayStation network to play games on servers based in other countries.

change regions on your PS4

A PS4 is usually locked to the area it was purchased by a region code that is hidden in the OS registry.

This is a form of digital rights management, and it is this that says what users can and can’t access.

There are a couple of ways to access all this geo-blocked content. Once can give full access to another country’s PS Store, and the other will trick apps into offering access to the content.

This guide takes you through both options, and which is the best for accessing all this foreign content from anywhere.

Setting Up a PlayStation Account for another Region

The entire process is straightforward. However, there is some bad news, which is better to get out of the way straight away.

Unless you are in Europe, it isn’t possible to merely change the region for an existing PSN account. To get around this, you have to create a new PSN account for this region.

Luckily, to do this takes a matter of minutes. The steps below will us a US account as an example because that is where most content is located.

  1. Navigate to the Sony Entertainment Network website
  2. You will need to add an email address, which isn’t linked to any other account. You may need to create an entirely new email address
  3. In the next steps, add your DOB (date of birth) and create your unique password
  4. You can then select your desired PSN region. Be careful when selecting none-English regions, as the language will change.
  5. Once these steps are completed, click the submit button and verify your new email address
  6. Here, you can create an account for the new user on your PS4. You will need to add a US Zip code for this example. (These are easily found on the internet)
  7. You can bypass all the social media settings. If you wish to share screenshots, you can forward them to your master account via a message, and upload them from there.
  8. Once you enter the PSN Store you should see an increase for content, which is accessible, and the currency alongside each item will be in the local currency of that specific store region.

After this, there are still a couple of problems. If you have PS Store Credit, this can’t be transferred to use in the new one.

Next, Netflix and streaming apps will not be showing their libraries to PS4 users outside of the home country.

Paying in another PlayStation Stores Region

It is only possible to add funds via a credit card or PayPal account which is registered in the same region as the store you are now accessing.

To get around this, you can purchase PlayStation gift cards for that specific region.

To use these cards, all you need to do is scroll down the PS Stores page and select redeem codes. Enter your PS voucher code and your account will be credited.

Best VPN for playstation 4

Unblocking Geo-Restricted PS4 Content

VPN’s are the key to doing this. Not only can you access this content, but also you can create PSN account in another region, and then access those countries game servers and have foreign teammates.

VPN’s encrypt your data, so when you select a different country, to the outside world, you are based in that country where you selected the server.

Adding to this, console gaming isn’t encrypted very well. This means whatever you do; your online activity through a PS4 can be seen.

Even Sony watch what you do. You can see this when you Visit Sony websites. You see this on European sites where they state right at the beginning of customer support “This Website, 2019 Sony Interactive Entertainment Europe Limited.”

They go on to say that all content, games titles, trade names, trademarks, artwork etc.) are the property of the respective owners?

They then go on to say about the data they collect on you. All through the policy, they say every time you log into your PlayStation account, they may record your activity.

To top this, they include that they use cookies to improve your experience, and ads on the site and others.

The “ads on this site” section means they will target you. Therefore, a VPN can stop them doing this because the IP address you use won’t be your original one.

You do get the pop-up box saying all this and to find out more or change settings click here. You can disable these cookies if you wish.

For gaming and streaming the best recommendation of VPN service is ExpressVPN. You can setup MediaStreamer DNS, although this only bypasses geo-restriction and does little for security.

However, this VPN can be installed on a home router, so you can easily have full privacy and protection while online.

This also allows you to access any store for PlayStation without Sony or anyone watching what you are doing, or what you are accessing from another PS region.

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