How to Watch Channel 4 On Demand in New Zealand

Passionate travelers and lovers of diverse programming alike have all faced some issues with blocked content.

From time to time, a message will pop up letting us know that particular content is blocked in our country. Fortunately, when it comes to watching Channel 4, there are ways to go around this obstacle and freely enjoy our Fargo, The Windsors, and Hollyoaks.

Watching blocked content Channel 4 On Demand

Unfortunately, when you try to access the Channel 4 On Demand app outside of the UK, you are faced with an error message.

channel4 nz

This means that the only answer to the question: “How to get Channel 4 On Demand?” is to trick it into believing you’re actually in the UK. Luckily for you, you don’t have to be the one doing the tricking. You can leave it up to a smart DNS proxy or a VPN.

Using a Smart DNS proxy to watch Channel 4 Unlocator unblock Channel 4 On Demand

A smart DNS proxy typically has a big number of locations to choose from. Once you select your location, you will magically be transported there. This practically means that your true location will be hidden and you will be “in the UK.”

Smart DNS proxies are amazing because you will not lose any internet speed due to them and you can use one proxy to access multiple programs from different countries. My favorite Smart DNS proxy is Unlocator, with 150+ unblocked streaming sites which include Channel 4 On Demand. It also has a seven-day free trial, so make sure to test it out.

Using a VPN to access Channel 4 On Demand

If you prefer to have your data encrypted and hide and change your IP address, a VPN is a better solution for you.
A VPN has some servers to choose from, and once you select one, it will change your IP address. This means that choosing a UK server will change your IP address to a UK one. Subsequently, you will gain instant access not only to Channel 4 On Demand but also to BBC iPlayer, Channel 5, UK Netflix, etc…

VPN to access Channel 4 On DemandIn return for the added layers of security, your internet speed will be around 10{97e52f5b16fe6b8935fde447731a6d7a1c38d2f6ea8b7cc4088f0aa45799d39f} lower. But it’s well worth it. My advice is to check out the VPN you’re using because some companies store logs of your online activity.

The best VPN, in my opinion, is Express VPN. It has 1000+ servers in 145 locations and 94 countries. It’s great for traveling, because you are sure to find a nearby server to connect to. The interface is minimalistic and straightforward to use, making it more appealing.

The best feature it has is the speed test window, which will help you to choose the best server to connect to. It also has a Kill Switch, which doesn’t let your apps connect to the internet if the VPN is not connected.

Geo-blocked content is our sad reality, but modern internet technology is always here to save the day. I hope you found this post useful. Let me know if you managed to access Channel 4 On Demand in the comments below.

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