How to Use Covenant Kodi

Out of all the old Kodi add-ons, Exodus reigned supreme until it faced legal action and was shut down. Since then there was a fork, and the same developer who goes by the name of Lambda introduced Kodi Covenant.

Here we will take a look at how to install Covenant from a new repo and how to use it safely, so there are no implications because of the legality of Kodi in NZ.

Covenant KodiWhat is Covenant Kodi?

As we have just seen Covenant is the result of a fork in the Exodus Kodi add-on. This add-on works because it trawls the internet gathering links of content from various hosted websites.

These are then delivered to the Kodi user, and consist of vast amounts of movies and TV shows. You are also presented with Channels which shows recent movie broadcasts by TV stations.

It is this content which causes problems because most of it is unlicensed and encroaches on copyright infringement.

This scenario is the same in any country, but with changes in the sale of pre-loaded Kodi boxes being banned, many users are asking ‘is Kodi legal in NZ?’

Once you have read to the end, you will see there is no chance of any government official knocking on your door for using Kodi or the Covenant app once you use our recommendation and start to use a VPN service to hide your connection from view.

Installing Covenant on KodiInstalling Covenant on Kodi with Kodil Repo

Installing the Covenant Kodi add-on is simple following these instructions. First, you need to make sure you have ‘Unknown sources’ enabled. You can find this in the system settings menu. This allows you to add any Kodi add-on even if it isn’t an official one.

  1. Launch Kodi and click on Settings (the gear icon, top left).
  2. Click ‘File Manager’ and Double click ‘Add Source.’ Select and click ‘None.’
  3. Enter the following URL correctly (copy paste) into Kodi, and click OK.
  4. Enter a name for the media source. Call it ‘Kodil,’ and click OK twice.
  5. Navigate back to the main menu, and click Add-ons. Click the Package icon in the top left.
  6. Select Install from zip file.
  7. Select Kodil
  8. Click
  9. Wait for the notification pop up box to show you the repo to install.
  10. Click Install from the repository, and select the Kodil Repository.
  11. Click Video add-ons and then click ‘Covenant.’
  12. Select Install at the bottom left of the screen
  13. Wait for the notification box to show that the add-on enabled successfully
  14. Navigate to the Kodi home screen, select Add-ons and click Covenant to use.

Now we have installed Covenant, we need to see how to download movies from Kodi Covenant. This is also straightforward when you follow these instructions.

  1. Highlight the Add-ons tab on the Home Screen and select the Covenant Kodi add-on.
  2. Click on Tools, and then Select ‘Covenant Library.’
  3. Open the Context Menu on Covenant select Movies and select Set Content.
  4. Set the content’s folder to Movies and press OK to confirm.
  5. Press Yes to refresh the folder information.
  6. This enables the Movies section on the Home Screen. To enable TV Shows repeat but set the contents of the Covenant TV Shows folder as TV Shows.
  7. Go to the Covenant main menu and select Movies.
  8. Select Most Popular.
  9. Open the Context Menu and select Add to Library.
  10. After adding a couple of items go back to the Home Screen and highlight the Movies tab to see what has been added to your library.

With this, you are now ready for Covenant streaming of anything which has been added to the library.

Covenant Kodi on FireStickInstall Covenant Kodi on FireStick

Launch Fire Stick Home > Now go to Settings

Select Applications > Now press on Manage Installed Applications> Click on Kodi

Follow the same instructions above in the Kodi Krypton section through Kodil Repository. The steps are the same for the media source etc. because the Kodi Android/ FireStick app is the same, that is how easy it is to get Covenant on FireStick.

Protecting Your Covenant Kodi Installation with a VPN

It is highly advisable for any NZ user of Kodi to use a VPN service. What these do is mask your connection and make you appear invisible from your ISP and any other monitoring agency who is on the lookout for Kodi add-on usage.

It might not appear anyone is looking, but behind the scenes, there is lots of user tracking and data retention going on.

The hardest part with using a VPN is finding one which suits New Zealand because not all are created equal. During the writing of this Covenant Kodi review, we tested a few of the most popular VPN’s to see which performed the best for New Zealand users.

We were shocked to see such a difference between providers. Here are two examples of well-known VPN’s. The second being our recommendation when using Covenant on Kodi.

Private Internet Access is a USA based VPN provider which is very popular with the masses which offers high levels of security and encryption when using Kodi.

It has so-so download speeds because it on covers 33 countries, but has a high number of servers.

It is based in the USA which falls under some severe governance and NSA snooping and the DMCA-Digital Millennium Copyright Act.

To top this, it has limited features, isn’t reliable at unblocking US Netflix and customer support isn’t live chat capable.

Our recommendation being ExpressVPN which happens to be ranked number one. This isn’t covered by any US jurisdiction, delivers fast download speeds to New Zealand (No buffering) and protects user privacy with military grade encryption.

This VPN has around the clock support which is immediate with live chat, and they have optimized servers for torrents. US Netflix is always accessible and unblocked, so it was an easy recommendation to make.

Covenant users on Kodi deserve the best service to get the best use from one of the best Kodi add-ons, so check out our recommendation, and you will be glad you did.

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