CyberGhost Review

CyberGhost VPN is one of the better-known providers who offer this service, and who aim to provide a premium package at an affordable cost.

The same thing many other providers fall on is the extreme geographic locations of users. Is CyberGhost the best VPN NZ users can opt for? Carry on reading this CyberGhost VPN review and find out.

CyberGhost Features

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Cyberghost Features

CyberGhost starts by masking your IP address which it manages to do very well. To further increase security and privacy, this IP will be shared with other users on the server you are connected.

Encryption is some of the highest offered while maintaining a connection across multiple devices. Windows can talk to Macs and Linux systems without any problems.

Wi-Fi connections are adequately catered for, so there are no worries about any online banking you might perform while waiting in an airport or coffee shop.

While writing this CyberGhost VPN review, it was decided to include other features that might be taken for granted. CyberGhost does a great job on blocking ads; this begins on their servers rather than being blocked on the device where the client is installed.

This VPN provider also blocks malicious content as a matter, of course. Now with the CyberGhost malware blocker, you are safe from further threats without having to install more third-party software.

These threats are continually updated in the host’s database; all this is done behind the scenes, so your anonymity is preserved.

Online tracking from online marketing websites or governments or anyone else who wishes to pry on your activitiesCyberGhost Encryption is prevented from seeing what you are doing. Even your ISP is blocked from monitoring your activity.

As well as Netflix now being supported, it is also possible to connect to the BBC iPlayer from the UK.

When browsing the CyberGhost website, this follows the trend of simplicity and cartoonish, which appeals to new users and makes navigating around the site easier and more enjoyable. On the app side, this is laid out with the same simple interface and presents users with various options.

These options cover anonymous browsing, Wi-Fi, torrents and Ghost Streaming, which as the name implies, includes streaming services. These have been laid out, so there is no further tweaking needed to obtain the best possible connection.

Now the Mac client looks different than the windows client with the introduction of CyberGhost 6, and is not based around any typical tasks, and falls under a more traditional looking format. Here you select the country and server as you more often than not do with other providers.

All of these features bode well for CyberGhost until you reach their speeds. For anyone who is in an extreme geographic location or not close to the majority of their servers, the middle of the road speeds might suffer more and leave users needing that little extra to make their media streaming or downloading bearable if at all usable.

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Any user who find themselves in this sort of region, it is advisable to try the free version before committing to one of the more expensive plans.

With connections, time comes when connections are lost. A kill switch is included so there are no leaks from that side of things.

CyberGhost does an excellent job of security, and for an average user, they might be able to love with the very average speeds. For heavy users, this might be the deal-breaker and makes them turn to other options which are proven to work and work well in their area.


  • No Logging
  • Unlimited bandwidth and data usage
  • Based outside of the 5-eyes regions
  • Torrents and Netflix supported
  • Affordable plans
  • Secure


  • Mixed internet reviews
  • Not the fastest speeds
  • Expensive for shorter periods

Plans and Pricing

The longer you tie yourself up with CyberGhost, the cheaper it becomes. With three plans available. 1 Month, 1 year or 2 years.

All features are available from whichever package you choose: Hiding IP addresses or unblocking censored content and securing online transactions sit alongside torrent protection and streaming.

Each plan comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee, and a 7-day free version trial accompanies the Android app and iOS apps.

CyberGhost Pros

Payment options include credit cards, Bitcoin and PayPal so signing up is straightforward.
It doesn’t matter which plan you opt for there is no retention of data logs as being based in Romania they are outside the reach of any 5-eyes treaty, so their log policy and privacy policy are top-notch as they have little worry of anyone asking for user data.

When opting for CyberGhost to surf anonymously, it takes a matter of seconds. Merely choose to follow the three steps below, and that’s all there is to it.

  1. Choose your pricing plan
  2. Create your secure account
  3. Choose your payment options (Bitcoin being the most private)

Once you’ve done this, the download will automatically start, and a welcome email from customer service will be received with all of your account information and your invoice included.

Once you download CyberGhost, you merely follow the set-up instructions received in the email. This gives 5 devices access at the same time.

Get Cyberghost

Special Deal SAVE 78%

All plans give you access to excellent customer support which includes FAQS, troubleshooting, and live chat. Overall the service is excellent however it could ideally be a bit quicker.

CyberGhost has well over 1,000 servers in 50+ countries and offers very high standards of encryption. There is more than enough coverage for a multitude of devices from Windows to Android phones.

CyberGhost SecurityYou will find the “is CyberGhost safe” question quickly answered as it is one of the most secure VPN’s on the market. All of this, you can check with the free VPN option for the 7 days.

CyberGhost offers plenty of options for every user. Now Netflix works, it could make it the best value VPN you can find. However, this doesn’t make it the best.

There are other options out there that offer more with higher download speed without being locked in for two years to obtain the lowest price.

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