How to get US Netflix in New Zealand

What is American Netflix?

Netflix Incorporated is an American based digital media provider that allows consumers to stream high quality media on-demand. Its clientele, today, includes South and North America, the Caribbean, as well as several European countries e.g. Ireland, Finland, Denmark, The Netherlands, Sweden, Norway, France, UK, Germany and Switzerland.

Besides the main online content streaming business, Netflix also runs a flat rate mail based DVD delivery service within the US.

netflix America NZ

Having started out in 1999 as a subscription based digital content distribution service, it has grown steadily to the point that it is today, and is considered one of the top providers of high quality digital viewing content around the world, with over 50 million subscribers in more than 40 countries.

Netflix was founded originally in 1997 in California’s Scotts Valley by Reed Hastings and Marc Randolph, former Pure Software colleagues. Randolph, had a co founding role in the establishment of Micro Warehouse, which was basically a computer mail order company, and later also worked as VP of marketing at Borland International.

Hastings, a mathematics teacher by trade, was the founder of Pure Software that he had then recently sold for seven hundred million USD. He invested 2.5 million of his fortune in launching Netflix, an idea that had taken hold of his mind after he had to pay a forty dollar overdue fine for returning the Apollo 13 movie after its due date.

Netflix’s website, , was launched on 29th August of that year with a humble workforce of 30, a collection of just 925 works that were available for renting out and a conventional internet based pay-per-rental mechanism.

To answer the question of how does Netflix work, we need to observe its roots and track the company’s development to what it is today:

The monthly subscription system was introduced two years later, in September 1999, while the original single rental procedure was dropped at the beginning of the new millennium.

Ever since then, the company has established its reputation on a flat fee business model, that allows unlimited rentals with no due dates, late fines, shipping/handling fees or rental fees per title.

It wasn’t always smooth sailing for Netflix – it did not post a profit until the fiscal year of 2003. Its collection of films available for viewing kept expanding, reaching 35,000 in 2005, when it also shipped one million DVDs out daily.

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netflix America NZ

The explosive growth which brought Netflix to the point where it is today became evident in 2010, when it moved from being the fastest growing first-class mail customer of the US Postal Service, to the biggest internet traffic generator in North America in the evenings.

These days, the company has announced its own awards ceremony, called the Flixies and a Facebook sharing tool that allows its users to let their friends know what they watch. It commands a 32.3{97e52f5b16fe6b8935fde447731a6d7a1c38d2f6ea8b7cc4088f0aa45799d39f} share in the video streaming market in the US alone!

Netflix has developed and maintains a versatile personalized video-recommendation mechanism, which is based on reviews and ratings by its subscribers/customers.

Netflix services

As mentioned before, Netflix is a television and movie rental service that lets subscribers stream its collection of content over the internet and also lets its US customers acquire content via the US mail service.

Internet Video Streaming
Besides its conventional disc rental service, the company also offers an online video streaming service, which allows its subscribers to access its content library through internet enabled devices.

The online library is separate from the disc library, having fewer movie titles for rent, but a larger amount of high quality Netflix original content.

Although it originally allowed disc subscribers free access to its online content, the launch of competitors such as Hulu and Apple’s video rental service saw Netflix make a distinction between the disc subscription and the internet streaming subscription – both became standalone services after 2008.

The selection of titles which are available for viewing are based upon the subscriber’s IP address, which corresponds to their physical location (for most subscribers, at least).

However, this also means that people who don’t officially have Netflix US in their country, can access and view it, using a proxy or custom DNS service to give the illusion that they are from the US.

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Netflix Linux Issues

Although supported on a whole lot of internet enabled devices, Netflix has trouble playing back its content on Linux. The reason for this was stated by the company’s Corporate Communications VP in 2010, when he said that the OS did not have the right Silverlight plugins to support Netflix’s PlayReady DRM system.

It has no official playback support for Linux based PCs, although other devices that run Linux i.e. Roku are indeed supported. You can also view Netflix on your Linux PC by connecting it to a secondary device on which Netflix does run i.e. a game console, Blu-ray player or a Roku device.

Alternatively, you can also use Windows emulation software such as QEMU or Virtualbox inside your Linux PC to view Netflix online. The service also works fine with Android, an OS derived from the Linux core source.

If you are truly interested in getting Linux to run on your PC without having to resort to a Windows virtual machine, or a secondary device, consider using Wine in conjunction with the Pipelight add-on for Mozilla Firefox, which will allow you to view content from your Linux based web browser.

Is American Netflix Available in New Zealand?

The Rumours

Rumors were created when the Australian film website, Inside Film produced a report that the internet streaming giant had made strong offers to bigtime US studios for streaming rights in the New Zealand and Australian markets for a considerable variety of first releases, as well as library movies and TV content.

Two Netflix executives, who had preferred not to be named, were quoted by Inside Film as saying that a potential launch could occur by the middle of 2015. But they had also made it clear that the deals Netflix had initially proposed to the studios for content rights weren’t really the most attractive.

The truth

Netflix has so far declined to comment on the Australian report that provided an answer to the persistent question of when is Netflix coming to New Zealand by claiming that the internet television service is looking to establish itself in New Zealand by the middle of coming year.

Joris Evers, Netflix’s Director of Corporate Communications (based in California) has relayed to Fairfax Media that the streaming service does not have a comment on the rumors that it is launching in New Zealand any time soon. There have also been no announcements with regards to the market. So officially, the answer to the question is Netflix available in New Zealand is no.

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netflix America NZ

Can I Get Netflix America in New Zealand?

In spite of there being no official Netflix service present in Australia and New Zealand, the people have managed to bypass their restrictions and today, around 30,000 Kiwis are subscribed to Netflix US.

This is against Netflix’s terms and conditions since it does not own any rights to the programming in the two countries, but has been endorsed, and in fact, encouraged by New Zealand’s third biggest ISP i.e. Slingshot. The ISP has its own free location masking service called Global Mode, which it advises its customers to use to access Netflix from New Zealand.

Joris Evers did not address the issue of Slingshot encouraging the violation of Netflix’s terms of service, but neither did he share any future plans to officially let New Zealanders access the North American Netflix officially.

Although he said that Netflix had industry standard measures in place to take care of these TOS violations, it appears that Netflix is actually deliberately turning a blind eye towards the ‘illegal’ use of its US service. This is due to the New Zealand subscribers actually paying Netflix for the service, just as ordinary US consumers do.

This only goes to show that Netflix has no plans to expand into New Zealand in the foreseeable future, and therefore, it is in agreement with the indirect subscriptions that New Zealanders are making!

What do potential competitors think about Netflix coming New Zealand?

Telecom and Sky Television both have been buying rights to film and television content as they approach the launch dates of their respective online-television services, scheduled for later this year.

Telecom has confirmed that some of the rights it has purchased are in fact exclusive. Neither Telecom nor Sky Television have talked about running into any competition with Netflix buyers, while negotiating deals with studios.

John Fellet, the Chief Executive of Sky Television has said that the launches of Telecom’s and Sky’s internet services would not have any effect on a future New Zealand Netflix, but a Telecom spokesman by the name of Andrew Pirie has said that New Zealand is already a relatively insignificant market for Netflix.

Regarding Sky TV’s claims that Netflix might be a competitor, it is believed by industry experts that this is a political move on part of Sky TV and the local studios, since it would let Sky TV play the ‘significant competition’ card and also raise the price of local streaming rights to the benefit of the latter.

What’s so good about US Netflix?


Online rentals, also known as video on demand or VOD, are an extremely popular trend these days – Hulu, Amazon and YouTube all offer it, but who started it all? It was Netflix. Because they were the firstborn VOD service, they have the most extensive and enjoyable library.

In fact, the reason why Netflix reviews are much more positive than its competitions is that they don’t rent out movies anymore; they let you, the subscriber, utilize their Watch Instantly library to watch the movie as many times as you wish. In contrast, other services require you to finish a movie after you have started it, usually within two days, and only once!

Most popular features:

• Blu-Rays and DVDs by Mail
Besides offering an abundance of movies on its internet based Watch Instantly library, Netflix also delivers physical Blu-Ray and DVD disks to your door step.

For film fanatics who enjoy learning about the background and additional knowledge of movies, this is a huge convenience since it is customary for Netflix delivered movie discs to contain ‘making off’ videos, bonus features, interviews and director’s commentaries. This extra content isn’t available for the online service, but you can avail it by subscribing to both services at just around $10 a month.

• No Late Fines
This has been a feature that was quite a highlight in Netflix news when the service was launched. In fact, one of the reasons for its creation was to provide consumers with a service that wouldn’t ask them to fork out more money, in case they got late in returning the rental. With Netflix, you can keep the disc for as long as you want, even making it a part of your home favorites collection!

• Amazing Selection
The enormous amount of high quality movies and TV shows that Netflix’s internet service puts in front of you is largely the reason why so many cable watchers to switch to Netflix. Although their selection is not exhaustive, it does contain movies from every genre you could think of. Blockbusters, old time classics, documentaries, golden oldies, and foreign movies are all included. Besides all this, they also have a large collection of television shows: sitcoms, mini-series, specials and sitcoms.

• Intelligent Recommendation System
Netflix has a custom engineered recommendation algorithm which has been given the sole task of recording and computing data to ascertain the preferences of its individual users. From a customer’s standpoint, the system allows Netflix to suggest movies which would match the customer’s taste. This system ensures that you do not miss out on films that you would enjoy, but are not popular enough to show up on the radar on their own.

• Economic pricing
The ridiculously low subscription cost of $10 is perhaps the biggest selling point for Netflix. There are no extra handling charges, no extra shipping charges, no late fines and no hidden charges whatsoever. The $10 subscription means you get unlimited discs by mail and unlimited streaming – just be sure that you return the disc you previously borrowed.

Any movie aficionado would have a long list of cult movies, timeless classics and rare masterpieces to watch, and doing so by going to cinemas will be extremely expensive at best, and impossible at worst (this is usually the case).

With Netflix however, you can do this from the comfort of your home – their library contains thousands and thousands of movies, old and new, that you can indulge yourself in – at a mere $10 a month.

You won’t even have to empty out your wallet on snacks such as popcorn, which are unbelievably expensive in cinemas and theaters – you can stock up at home!

And let us not forget the binge watching craze that is so rampant these days – watching your favorite TV series’ episodes non-stop has been made possible by Netflix through its huge stock of TV shows.

Netflix beats even Redboxes and rental stores when it comes to the price advantage. With rental stores, you would have to pay at least a dollar per movie but with Netflix, you can watch as many movies as you want for the monthly subscription fee of $10.

• An ever growing library
The Netflix library keeps on growing thanks to the quality content that is added with each passing day. You can watch new movies, TV shows and sports shows, after they have aired on conventional TV networks. In fact, some of Netflix’s own exclusive shows will be available for viewing only to you, the Netflix subscriber!

• A free trial of one month
Netflix is so sure that you will have a good time using their service that they allow you to try it out completely free for a period of one month.

If, on the off chance that you do not like their service, you cancel the trial subscription at any time and you won’t have to pay a single dollar. So basically, there is nothing to lose in trying out Netflix to see if all the hype about it is really true.

• Compatibility
The service can run without a hitch on over 700 different internet enabled devices. From your home computer to a mobile device, to special TV devices to gaming consoles, getting Netflix to run will be no problem at all.

Keep in mind that the quality of viewing will depend on your device’s capacity and the speed of your internet connection.

Can I get American Netflix in New Zealand?

Conventional premium television content has become quite expensive in New Zealand these days, thanks, in particular, to the increase in the number of individual pay channels.

New Zealand’s television networks also have to pay increasingly more for being able to broadcast TV shows that have been produced in other countries.

With on demand viewing becoming more and more popular around the world, there should be no restriction on watching on demand content from other countries, but, sadly, it exists.

Netflix, as described before, is the leader among online on demand content streaming with its enormous library, its own TV shows and its low cost. It is also not officially available in New Zealand, meaning that you cannot subscribe to its service here. But this is just the ‘official’ take on things.

Where there is a will, there is a way, as the thousands of New Zealanders who are using Netflix in New Zealand have proven. When you head over to Netflix US’s website, you will find that it is impossible to create an account because the website knows that you are not from the US.

So that is the main hurdle that needs to be overcome in order to watch Netflix here. You can make it appear as if you are from the US instead of New Zealand, by accessing the website through a Virtual Private Network, but since this can limit your internet speed, you can take advantage the latest in geo-unblocking techniques –

They will change your DNS to make it look like you are in North America, but the quality of your internet speed will remain unchanged.

Masking your country of origin to gain access to Netflix US isn’t illegal, but it is against their terms of use, so they may not ‘officially’ endorse it either. But since you will be paying for the subscription just like any other subscriber, you won’t be breaking any rules – just bending them a little.

How to get US Netflix in New Zealand

Netflix is the answer you’ll expect from anyone in North America, if you ask the question “How can I watch TV shows online?” If you want to watch Netflix in New Zealand, you’ll have to put in a small amount of extra effort initially, and a tiny cash payment each month.

Before you delve any further into the guide described in this section, you need to have an internet enabled device. A computer, a video game console, a tablet, and even your smartphone, will do for this purpose.


How to setup Netflix in New Zealand

  1. Netflix for New Zealand has been made possible through Unblock-Us, an online service that provides customized DNS server addresses to make it appear as if you are in the US, not in New Zealand. Go ahead and sign up for an account with Unblock-Us – they even offer a free one week trial.
  2. Unblock-Us has an excellent support page that will tell you exactly how to change the DNS values for your device – and this will be fairly simple thanks to the pictorial format of their instructions. Go ahead and change the DNS values to the ones provided.
  3. Now you need to create a Netflix account. Head over to the Netflix website and register. In fact, you can opt for the free one month trial here too, if you wish. You can test out the quality of their service and sign up later. Your Smart DNS addresses, if set up correctly, will make the Netflix website think that you are in the US, so there shouldn’t be a problem with the Netflix sign up. Just remember to put in a fake American address when creating the account.

That’s all there is too it! You will have no trouble with future Netflix sign ins if you do not alter the DNS values provided by Unblock-Us. You won’t have to alter them in any case, since you will be able to use the rest of the internet as you normally would, only when you have to make a Netflix login will the DNS make any difference.

This answers the basic question of how to access Netflix in New Zealand. If you plan to install the service’s app on your device to streamline your Netflix streaming experience, you will have to restart it and visit the Unblock-Us homepage in order to make sure that the service is working correctly. Three green bars in the page’s middle will be the indication. If there is a problem, the website will instruct you on how to resolve it. Just a reminder that you’ll have to do this every time you restart your device, if your ISP does not provide you with a static IP address i.e. every time your IP address changes.

How much does Netflix Cost?

There are two monthly Netflix plans today – one for HD quality streaming and the other for SD quality streaming. The HD plan costs $8.99, whereas the SD plan costs $7.99. If you opt for the HD plan, you will be able to stream HD-quality TV shows and movies on two screens simultaneously at any time, whereas the SD plan allows SD-quality streaming at one screen at a given time. To find out which plan suits you best, you should consider opting for the free trial – during which time you can switch plans at any time.

Originally, the HD Netflix subscription used to cost $7.99 and for their old customers, it will continue to do so for the next two years as grandfathering policy. The raise in Netflix prices for new customers was made in order to provide them with a larger number of high quality TV shows and movies, such as their current original series Orange is the New Black and House of Cards, both of which have received a lot of critical acclaim.

Combine this with the cost of an Unblock-Us subscription (a mere $4.99 a month), and you have a monthly cost that could cost a maximum of $13.98 – and for this bargain price, you will be able to watch unlimited high quality HD content all month round. The decision to make is pretty obvious.

What movies and TV shows are on Netflix?

Once you subscribe to Netflix, you may have a hard time deciding which show to watch thanks to the enormity of the Netflix library. You may spend all your evening shuffling through Netflix TV shows and movies without spending time enjoying a show.

To address this dilemma, here is a Netflix list of top watchable content that you are bound to enjoy:
Here are a couple of original Netflix TV series that you can’t miss – in fact, they may be worth the subscription on their own:

House of Cards

Before the release of this show, Netflix had been unable to break into the top-tier drama market, in spite of its vast array of quality content, which was HBO’s ‘bread and butter’ thanks to their own original shows such as Game of Thrones and Boardwalk Empire.

Watch House of Cards for real life politics

Netflix levelled the playing field by investing into this modern adaption of the BBC television series of the same name. Expanding greatly on the original 1990s BBC drama, and set in Washington DC – this show literally brought a revolution in the binge tv watching tradition.

Directed by David Fincher and starring Kevin Spacey as the manipulative Democrat Majority Whip Frank Underwood, it depicts the political intrigues and self-motivated careers of US politicians – including those in the White House. It is by far well ahead of The West Wing, and it is a pleasure in itself listening to Spacey’s southern accented discourse as Francis Underwood and watching his Machiavellian plots in action.

Orange is the New Black

This is another Netflix original, belonging to the comedy-drama genre. Based on Orange Is the New Black: My Year in a Women’s Prison, a memoir by Piper Kerman, the plot revolves around a bisexual NYC woman, by the name of Piper Chapman. She has been sentenced to a women’s federal prison for fifteen months for transporting drug money for her ex-girlfriend Alex Vause – an international mule.

Jail time drama - Orange is the new black

The crime had been committed a decade ago and Piper had since become a quiet, law abiding citizen in NYC’s upper middle class. In prison, Piper once again reunites with Alex and they re-evaluate their relationship while dealing with fellow inmates.

The show has received a great deal of acclaim, with Rotten Tomatoes praising it for its strong combination of dramatic heft and black humor, interesting characters and a fascinating flashback structure.

Here are some Netflix new releases that you should look forward to in the 2014/15 year:

Marco Polo

Chinese adventures with Marco PoloSet in thirteenth century China, in a world full of astounding martial arts, political skullduggery, sexual intrigue and spectacular battles, this is Netflix’s first venture in the historical epic territory and also their most ambitious one to date.

Boasting an international set comprising of Italy, Malaysia and Kazakhstan, with a budget of more than 90 million USD, and an international cast which isn’t all that famous, it is a risky venture which could be Netflix’s own answer to unblocking HBO’s Game of Thrones, given that John Fusco, the creator/writer, plays his cards right.


Mexican drug cartel dramaPedro Pascal (the actor who portrayed Oberyn Martell in HBO’s Game of Thrones), will appear as DEA agent Javier Pena, tasked with a kill/capture order on Pablo Escobar – the notorious Columbian drug kingpin who has had a telenovela and a biopic made about him already. According to Netflix, however, their Escobar saga will be nothing like the other works about him. Highly recommended for those who like crime thrillers.

The best thing about Netflix HD original series is that they are released in one go. You do not have to follow them on a weekly basis, meaning that you can watch them continuously, at a time that suits you!

Besides TV shows, there are plenty of great titles in the Netflix movie list that you can enjoy:

Captain America: The First Avenger

With the sequel to this movie, Captain America: The Winter Soldier, screening in cinemas worldwide, it is a good time for anyone who hasn’t seen the first movie to do some catching up.

The First Avenger tells the story of how Captain America was born, and set in the Second World War. The story centers around Steve Rogers, who is determined to enlist in the US army to fight the Nazis, but held back by his 4F physique. He consequently joins the Super Soldier program and becomes Captain America, at the forefront of the fight against the Nazis and their evil science division, HYDRA.

The movie is now an awesome series

Directed by Joe Johnston, who has a talent for comic-book adventure movies, and starring Chris Evans as Captain America and Hugo Weaving (Lord of the Rings) as the villain Red Skull, the movie isn’t just an action packed joy ride – it has a subtle portrayal of heroism that implies self-sacrifice, instead of the token happy ending.

Super 8

Sci-fi masterpiece ready to watch when you want toDirected by JJ Abrams, who has formerly worked with the Mission Impossible franchise, the Star Trek franchise and is now directing the new Star Wars movie, Super 8 is an homage to ‘70s cinema that was defined by filmmakers such as George Lucas and Steven Spielberg. It portrays the adventure of a group of kids who accidently capture an alien monster on film while shooting a creature feature movie.

It can be thought of as a mashup of E.T., Close Encounters of the Third Kind and the Goonies with frights inspired by Jaws. It is however, greater than the sum of its constituents – a thrilling adventure movie on its own, and irrefutable evidence that JJ Abrams is indeed the right choice of director for the new Star Wars flick.

Recommended for those who want to evoke some of the nostalgia from old school movies.

The biggest advantage of Netflix movies is that when you watch movies on Netflix, you don’t have to worry about missing a scene or running out of snacks.

You can rewind a scene as many times as you want and pause the film to pursue it later. A home theater system with a Netflix subscription would mean a weekend without seeing the light of day for many movie buffs!

What devices can I use to access Netflix with?

There used to be a time when the only way to watch Netflix’s online streaming content was through a Windows PC. The times have changed though, and today, you can access online Netflix not just through computers, but gaming consoles, streaming video players, Smart TVs and even mobile devices.

1. Streaming video players
For some time, Roku was the unchallenged name in the streaming player market with its small device that could stream a large number of on-demand channels, which included Netflix and others, to your TV.

But today, Apple TV Netflix has become one of the most popular ways to stream Netflix to your television thanks to its custom built, streamlined Netflix interface. There are other high profile devices in this category available too – including the WD TV Live Plus by Western Digital and the FreeAgent GoFlex TV HD Media Player by Seagate. These modern streaming video players are specifically geared towards content streaming, which is why they outshine conventional set top boxes, and putting them in jeopardy.

With the latest version of Apple TV adding support for playing 1080p video, the Netflix Apple TV combination is even more attractive – because Netflix has also made 1080p streaming available to all its users.

Apple TV Netflix New Zealand users can also take advantage of the 1080p playback feature if they opt for modern custom DNS based location altering solutions such as ExpressVPN or NordVPN to bypass Netflix restrictions – playing 1080p videos on a conventional VPN is simply not possible due to the large amount of network traffic present in these systems.

In fact, the Apple TV can be configured to work with the VPN service quite easily by following the easy guide provided on the Unblock-Us website.

Once you’ve done that, you can use utilize your CyberGhost subscription to enjoy Netflix on your Apple TV device in New Zealand, through the slick interface custom made for the Apple TV!

2. Gaming consoles
use your sony playstation to watchThe most popular Netflix streaming device in both 2012 and 2013, the Playstation 3, made considerably cheaper because of the release of its successor, the Playstation 4, is an extremely versatile device to have under your television at the moment. It’s a do-it-all media device that can act as Blu-ray/DVD player, an advanced media streamer and, of course, a great platform still for casual gaming. You can watch online streaming channels such as Amazon, Vudu, Hulu Plus, Youtube, Crackle, MLB.TV, NHL, NFL Sunday Ticket and Netflix on PS3.

If you’re a gamer who already owns a PS3 device, consider retiring it to the Netflix streaming once you buy a new gaming console. Combined with an HD Netflix subscription, you can have two devices on which to view Netflix at the same time – meaning fun for the gamer and fun for their family.

Netflix PS3 New Zealand is entirely possible through Unblock-Us’ service, which is compatible with a wide range of gaming consoles and offers separate setup guides for each. If you are gamer, you will have enough technical knowledge to have no trouble in following the guides and configuring your DNS to Unblock-Us’ values, so you can enjoy Netflix PS3 in New Zealand.


3. iOS devices
If portability is what you desire, then iOS devices are the best course to take. You can connect to Netflix from your iOS device using multiple ways. Cable connections i.e. composite, component, VGA or HDMI connection kits can be used to hook up your Netflix on iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch to your TV. If you own an Apple TV device, you can link your iOS devices to the Netflix stream using AirPlay.

There are plenty of other ways to extend existing Netflix connections to create a Netflix iPad portable combo, but that isn’t all. You can create a direct link to Netflix by configuring the device’s DNS servers to the values provided by Unblock-Us so you can enjoy Netflix streams wherever there is WiFi available. Note that this method does not work over 3G networks.

Use your iPhone to watch on the go entertainment

Can I get a Netflix free trial?

As mentioned before, both Netflix and Unblock-Us offer free trials.

Let’s start with Netflix. To create a free Netflix account, you need a US mailing address and a credit card (you won’t be charged anything before the first month is over, and you can cancel the trial subscription within the first month if you are unhappy without anything being charged to you).

Click the ‘Start Membership’ link while registering to begin the free Netflix trial. To get your month of free Netflix to its fullest, make sure that you choose your movies as soon as possible.

If you have a fun experience, simply do nothing and your trial will convert into a monthly subscription for the package you chose while registering.

If you aren’t sure about using Netflix as your trial month comes to an end, you can ask a friend to buy a gift subscription for you, which costs less than the actual monthly subscription cost.

Alternately, a Netflix gift card worth half a year of subscriptions can be a great gift for a friend who is into movies and TV shows.

As far as Unblock-Us is concerned, you don’t even have to enter any street address or credit card details to start their one week trial.

  • Simply go to their website and submit your email address to begin the trial.
  • You will be asked to configure the device you are currently using – they will provide an easy to follow guide for this.
  • Once that is done, all you need to do is simply reboot your device, reopen the Unblock-Us website to verify it, set your location to the US (if it isn’t already set as that), carry out the Netflix download and enjoy Netflix streaming via the Netflix app in New Zealand!

Are there any Netflix New Zealand Alternatives?

You may be unhappy with the Netflix and Unblock-Us combination – for instance, ‘Netflix down’ problems may keep plaguing you, perhaps because of a dynamically assigned IP address, that keeps changing every time you restart your device, prompting you to open the Unblock-Us website to verify your new IP each time this happens. If you can’t get Netflix to run smoothly, although this is quite rare, there are a couple of alternatives that will get you through the night:


In the official absence of Netflix, Quickflix is New Zealand’s number one digital streaming content provider to a wide variety of internet enabled consoles and devices.

You can use this Netflix New Zealand alternative, in a manner much similar to Netflix, through its website or through its app on Windows, as well as on a number of Smart TVs and BR players manufactured by Panasonic, Samsung, LG and Sony. It also runs on Samsung / Apple tablets and smartphone devices and gaming consoles – namely the PS3, the PS4 and the Xbox 360.

Quickflix costs around $13 a month (the first fortnight is free as a trial). They have a large collection of TV shows and movies which, although not as big as Netflix, can still help you pass the time. Since they are also working on acquiring new content in the near future – you can expect their library to increase and improve.

Quickflix is a viable alternative

Telecom Lightbox

This is another Netflix equivalent New Zealand will be able to enjoy by the end of this year. It works much the same way as Netflix or Quickflix, its main rival in NZ, does. You will be able to watch only TV shows initially, with the movies being added later on. Its initial lineup of TV shows will feature some big names like Mad Men, Vikings and 24 and the majority of these shows will be available from the first season to the latest, to the delight of binge watchers.

If you are a Telecom customer who is looking for a Netflix alternative, you’ll be pleased to know that Telecom is offering a discounted rate to its existing clientele whereas newcomers will be charged $15 a month for the service.

Common Netflix misspellings

When you are looking for the Netflix app in haste, or you’re opening the service’s website using a search engine query, it is quite common to misspell the service’s name to something like netflicks, netflex, netflic, netfliz, netfilx, neflix, netfl, metflix, nexflix, etflix etc. But don’t worry this happens to the best of us!

A search engine will automatically detect your mistake and bring up links for the correct ‘Netflix’ search – but you may get a bit jarred when you can’t find the Netflix app on your tablet device, simply because you aren’t searching with the right name.

An easy fix is to add a shortcut to the Netflix app on the home screen of your device so typing errors can’t happen at all!


Netflix beats the competition by a long margin simply because of its history and brand. It is the pioneer in internet streaming technology, with the biggest collection of high quality material. Its library is growing at a rate that cannot be matched by the current New Zealand streaming services like Quickflix or Lightbox.

Besides the content advantage, there is also the question of economy – and Netflix offers a better cost-to-content ratio than either, even when the price of an Unblock-Us subscription is factored into the equation.

You can watch anywhere you want!

The net cost of running Netflix for a New Zealander will be $14 a month, whereas Quickflix and Lightbox cost $13 and $15 respectively. With the credible and enormous library of Netflix in mind, $14 is still a bargain for what you’ll be getting in return compared to the other choices you have out there!