Watching Netflix in New Zealand

Every serious internet junkie living in the present day has wondered, at some point in their life, what sites allow you to stream TV series? – And Netflix is an answer to just that.

I was introduced to Netflix while attending a gaming convention in Washington, US; to me, it was nothing short of a modern miracle, something I’d always dreamt of having – the power to watch my favourite TV shows and movies without leaving my gaming couch.


Naturally, the first thing I did after getting back to New Zealand was to start up my computer and open the Netflix website – only to be disappointed by the fact that there was no Netflix NZ service that I could avail.

Well, the thing about being an all-around computer geek is that you don’t give up on something at the first sign of a hurdle – and I fancied myself something of a hacker, so I set to work trying to find a workaround to the problem, which was a location based restriction on the Netflix service in New Zealand.

My previous tinkering with computers had given me the knowledge that most websites could be fooled into believing you were in a different location through the use of VPN services – and that is the first place I decided to dig.

Fortunately for me, I wasn’t the only one who was suffering from this predicament – there were dozens of accounts of New Zealanders who had managed to bypass the location block using the same technique which had struck my mind. Subscription based VPN services such as are all the rage, as a quick search engine query revealed.

A VPN service can mask my location to somewhere in the US at a bargain cost, meaning I can stream Netflix US service as much as I wanted through an underground (but not illegal) channel – I have no qualms with this since I pay Netflix for my backdoor subscription, and also because there isn’t any news about an official Netflix New Zealand service in the near future.

How to access Netflix from New Zealand

So, to answer the question of how to access Netflix from NZ, let’s start with a basic introduction to One of the most reliable VPN services available to New Zealanders, it is frequently praised by its users where many of its rivals are criticized for limited speeds that lead to poor streaming.


In layman terms, this web service works by altering the computer’s web address. By default, the web address identifies the computer’s true location, but by changing it to a custom address that points to another location, in my case the US, the ideal VPN  would allow the user to utilise services that are available in the new region but not in the original one, in my case Netflix US!

Here is how to get Netflix in NZ using the VPN technique:

  1. The first thing you need to do is head on over to Vypr VPN and sign up for an account. If you aren’t comfortable in investing money into a full time subscription straight away, you can opt for a free trial to assess the quality of its service before making a decision.
  2. After you have created an Vypr VPN account, you need to configure your device to the proper settings. In depth guides on how to do this, for a huge range of devices, are available on the website. Generally speaking, what you will do is navigate to your network settings, manually enter a DNS server and save the settings, after this, you’re all set on the VPN end – meaning that to the Netflix website, your device is in the States.
  3. The next step involves signing up to Netflix from New Zealand. With the VPN doing its job i.e. keeping you from getting blocked, all that is required now is navigating to and registering an account. In fact, Netflix, too, offers a free trial in case you’re not sure whether you want it or not. You will have to use a bogus American address when signing up at Netflix.
  4. Enjoy premium quality digital streaming of movies and TV shows through your brand new Netflix subscription.

Watching Netflix on NZ TV

The method described above can have you all set up and watching Netflix without paying a single cent (in addition to your existing internet bill), but this will only last until the trial period for either Unblock-US or Netflix expires – after that a nominal Netflix cost will have to be paid monthly, along with a small monthly fee for the VPN service.

Speaking for myself, I didn’t even bother to sign up for a trial subscription to either service – the testimonials and reviews of other New Zealanders who had been successful in acquiring the Netflix service by this method were good enough for me.

The current Netflix pricing is $8 – but you will also have to pay $5 for the Unblock-US account, which amounts to a total of $13 per month for uninterrupted access to the plethora of topnotch content offered by ‘Netflix NZ’ (read Netflix US).

Even with the extra five bucks you have to dish out, the amount of amazing content offered by the digital streaming giant makes it more than worth it. In fact, there is no other similar service to rival Netflix – just be prepared to pay extra for the internet bandwidth you consume while binge watching Breaking Bad!


Because Netflix uses the internet as the medium for distributing its content to its subscribers, it can be accessed from almost any device with enough horsepower to handle HD video streaming.

I got Netflix Xbox 360 to work for me using the method described above, and a friend of mine confirmed success with Netflix Nintendo Wii, PS4 and PSVITA.

Besides gaming consoles, the service also works with modern televisions and video players, smart TV devices, smartphones, and of course, computers that run Windows or Mac.

Naturally, since you are using Netflix indirectly through the best VPN service, you will have to configure your device appropriately, as directed by the VPN website, before being able to access Netflix through said device.