IP Vanish Review

Our first impressions regarding this IPVanish review were of a speedy, secure and private top VPN service meant for mainstream internet users who don’t have ultra-sensitive data to share online.

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IPVanish VPN Features


IPVanish comes at a monthly subscription cost of $10, but if you sign up for the annual package, the monthly bill gets down to just $6.49. An IPVanish free trial isn’t available, but the service offers weeklong money-back guarantee so you can get your money back if you’re not satisfied with the service. It would’ve been better if this was a month-long period instead, though since this is what most competitors in the market are offering.


IPVanish has declared that they maintain absolutely no traffic logs of their users, but it should be kept in mind that the company is situated in Florida, United States. This in itself should be a red flag for those who are worried about government eavesdropping – such users are advised to go with some of the other products we’ve covered in our VPN reviews that are not based in a country that is part of the Five Eyes alliance.


IPVanish utilises OpenVPN and L2TP/IPSec encryption standards (as well as PPTP, where the other two aren’t supported) to secure your communications. 256 bit AES ciphering is employed to make the data streams untraceable, and a SOCK5 web proxy maintains your anonymity while you’re on the P2P protocol.


P2P support is surprisingly open: you can download torrents on all 600 or so servers spread across sixty countries without any bandwidth throttling or time limitations. Quite surprising for a service based in the US!

Furthermore, the connection speeds, in general, are quite brisk and make IPVanish an excellent for bandwidth-heavy applications such as VPN Netflix and BBC iPlayer. You are allowed to make as many as 5 unique connections with the same IPVanish account (all on separate devices if needed).

Compatibility and Support

IPVanish has client applications available for Windows, Mac OS, iOS and Android, and their service is also configurable directly on hardware devices such as routers. If you’re so inclined, the company also sells pre-configured hardware routers from various manufacturers – these are recommended for individuals who use devices that don’t natively support VPN setups or for those who don’t want to go to the trouble of configuring each device on the network manually.

The UI is simple enough to be used by rookies (if a little drab), and if you still run into an issue, you can always utilise the 24/7 customer support available with each subscription.

Our IPVanish review finds it to be one of the best VPN services around right now thanks to its swift downloading speeds, uncapped/unrestricted P2P access on all servers, and functional encryption mechanisms. The fact that it offers pre-configured networking hardware is an added plus for sysadmins who want a fast transition to their services.

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Everything said though, the service is US-based, so those who are worried about government access to their data may take this service with a pinch of salt.

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