5 Best Kisscartoon Alternatives

KissCartoon was one of the most popular places kids of all ages could go to for watching cartoons.

But, the most popular site KissCartoon was to be no more and was forced to close down. There have been many users trying to watch KissCartoon movies and find out KissCartoon not working, this is because it was shut down.

From then, cartoon lovers have been busy looking for alternatives, but before taking a quick look at the top 5, we will have a look at KissCartoon alternatives, and see what these alternatives have to compete against.

Kiss Cartoon free online streaming for cartoons

What is KissCartoon?

Kiss Cartoon delivered free online streaming of favourite cartoons and Japanese animation. Most of the content was in high quality, and it was easy to navigate.

Most of the site was hosted in countries which were not enforcing copyright laws. Initially being in Vietnam, they were safe until in 2017 the US ambassador requested criminal prosecution against the site.

Since then, there are many copies with some keeping the same name but under a different domain. KissCartoon.me being one of them.

Is KissCartoon Safe?

These new sites are rife with viruses that are passed onto unsuspecting viewers. There are many ads and redirects which can lead to all sorts of problems. Although KissCartoon itself was safe, these new versions are very different.

Is KissCartoon Legal?

No, KissCartoon is not legal as are any of the clones. Most of the content is pirated, and this is what forced the original KissCartoon to close. It is also the reason, so many clones pop up and use the popularity for their own purposes.

With all of the above, we will now look at the top 5 sites like KissCartoon you can install on Kodi.

We will also look at how you can protect yourself against any online spying or online threats while viewing any cartoon content.

5 Best KissCartoon Alternatives

While all the following are accessible through Kodi, and what these alternatives are based upon, they can be found through websites, or some even come with mobile apps for Android.

As much of this content is illegal, the use of a VPN is advised. This we will look at after.

1. Cartoons8

Cartoons8 was itself shut down but resurfaced. It is one of the longest-running add-ons for Kodi and offers four sources. These include

  • Anime
  • Animated cartoons
  • TV shows
  • Movies

Each of these sources comes with sub-categories. This makes any content one or two clicks away.

You may find when you go to stream cartoon content, they are dead. This is because there are updates to the sources. However, there is still enough content working.

2. ToonMania

This is an excellent add-on for anyone who loves cartoon and anime. There are categories such as new cartoons, dubbed sections and most popular. The ToonMania add-on also allows users to watch animated movies.

This add-on can be found in the Kodi Israel repo which is highly reliable and up to date.

3. KissAnime

KissAnime is right at the top of KissCartoon alternatives. On the website, the layout is the same as the original KissCartoon apart from the colour scheme. While this add-on is hugely popular its focus is to watch anime.

It has gone on to be the primary source for any anime series, and it is easy to see why it is the best of the Kodi anime add-ons. It comes with sub-categories such as New&Hot, recent and most popular.

4. Disney Junior

This add on is slightly different because it doesn’t just show popular cartoon shows and movies, it also shows live kid’s channels like any legal streaming service. It works easily and is a one-click and play service.

Disney Junior has plenty of content from all areas so kids will be more than happy with what they can find.

5. Cartoon Network

To watch cartoon online, it would be unfair not to mention the Cartoon Network. By reputation, this would be the daddy of all sources of popular cartoon series.

The good thing with this for Kodi users is, the add-on only scrapes legal sources.

Because of this, the depth of content may be lacking, but it can go some way to avoiding a copyright infringement notice.

While these are legal streams, you may find some are geo-blocked so they will need the use of a VPN.

One thing to note is other Kodi add-ons can show cartoons, but like GoodFellas2.0, these are being shut down also, so reliability is an issue.

VPN for Kodi for streaming to New Zealand

Best VPN for Kodi

As lots of this content may be illegal, all cartoon and lovers of anime need to stop spying eyes from seeing what they are doing.

This does require a VPN. But, not all are suitable for streaming to New Zealand.

Here are a couple of examples.

NordVPN is ranked number two in the world. It delivers high security and lots of other features.

But, there are recent concerns over its capability of bypassing some geo-restrictions, and to top this, they also suffer from slow download speeds to remote areas.

One of the other popular VPN’s on the market is IPVanish. While they own all their own equipment, they have servers in different locations than they advertise. Again, this can have an impact on download speeds to New Zealand.

Additionally, there are logging concerns associated with the company, and as it is US-based, it is under 5-eyes jurisdiction so there can be requests for user data from the NSA.

The best VPN for Kodi is ExpressVPN, this service is excellent for download speeds to New Zealand, and delivers the highest amounts of privacy.

They are based outside any jurisdiction, and they are so user-friendly, the client software is child’s play to use.(Read our full review here)

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