The 8 Best Kodi Addons for Sport

There are many add-ons for Kodi, and a vast majority are for TV shows and Movies. There are also quite a few which cover Kodi live sports, but there is a lot of these which don’t work over well for everyone for one reason or another.

Streaming of sports is hugely popular because most of the big sports are signed to cable companies who charge a premium for sporting channel additions to subscriptions.

Not only that, but most of these sports aren’t just limited to high subscription charges, they can be geo-blocked for access from anyone who doesn’t live in a specific country.

Best Kodi Addons for SportLastly, although there are many add-ons for Kodi which can present more than enough sports for New Zealand sports junkies.

ISP’s are taking matters into their own hands and are preventing access to the best sporting add-ons for Kodi.

There are ways around this, and we will look at them later, but the most important part is which add-ons offer New Zealanders with the best Kodi live sports (and are working).

Here are the 8 Best Sports Add-ons for Kodi

SportsDevil Add-onSportsDevil Add-on

This is one of the oldest Kodi sports add-ons around and does include more than enough sports to cover most tastes.

All the categories are neatly laid out in SportsDevil so searching is straightforward. It includes sections for the following:

  • Highlights
  • Live Sports
  • Sports TV
  • And Live TV with plenty of sub-sections

Pro SportPro Sport

If you are a fan of NFL, NHL or the NBA, then this is the best sports add-on for you. The add-on gets all of its streaming links from Reddit where there is a large streaming community. This means you will be able to access the most updated sports streams out there.

This Pro Sport add-on does infringe on copyright, so a VPN (which will be explained later) is advisable.

Planet MMAPlanet MMA

MMA and the UFC is one of the fastest growing sports on the planet, so for all the action fans, this add-ons is a must have. With this you are able to access all the major events and the following:

  • UFC Fight Night
  • Fight Night Live
  • Contender Series
  • Ultimate Fighter Series + more

For all the action, Planet MMA is one of the best from the Kodi add-ons list which is dedicated to one sport.

GoodFellas 2.0

This is one of the best ways of how to watch live TV on Kodi. It is packed to the rafters with live sports streams which are all separated into various sections for ease of searching.

GoodFellas 2.0 is an all in one sporting add-on which contains almost any sport you could consider watching. It does come with one drawback on occasions, some of the stream’s buffer, but this is the source and not the add-on itself.

Joker SportsJoker Sports

If there was a Kodi download which was going to come from a reputable source, then Joker Sports is it. It is available from the Maverick TV repo and is a new one among all the old-time sporting add-ons you can find.

It offers all the latest sporting updates along with live streaming sport as well as dedicated sections for BT Sports, Sky Sports and many others.

The add-on has been updated to v2.2.9 and now has several more IPTV and sports sections. It also has a highlights area which is useful for New Zealand football fans as is the Footy Fanzone section which contains videos, previews and interviews for many of the European football teams.

Supremacy SportsSupremacy Sports

This add-on uses both Plexus and SportsDevil-plugins for its live streams so any new Zealander knows they can access a wealth of sporting content.

Some of the sections included in Supremacy Sports are:

  • Ace streams,
  • BT Sports & Sports Channels
  • Football Documentaries & Live events,
  • Reddit Soccer streams,
  • UKTV Sports, WWE & Sport Movies

NetStreams Sports HubNetStreams Sports Hub

This add-on was initially called NetStreams Sports Hub, but the name was changed when it was rebranded. What was a great sporting add-on for Kodi has now been switched to NetStreams AIO and now it has become an all-in-one Kodi add-on.

It contains much more content and includes catch-up TV, Kids Hub, LiveHub IPTV, MovieHub and Music Hub. It does still have the Sports IPTV section and is listed along with the others as SportsHub.

The sports content it does contain has made the add-on a well-received add-on and is considered one of the finest around if you wish to watch sports online.


This add-on is quite new to the scene but brings with it masses of sporting content and can include the following:

  • Soccer matches & soccer replays/ highlights,
  • Rugby streams,
  • Basketball streams,
  • Boxing and Wrestling matches,
  • Hesgoal & Reedits Streams
  • Live streaming of IPTV premium,
  • Cricbox, MamaHD, and 24/7 HD

All your favourite sports channels from around the world are included in Sportie which makes it one of the very best Kodi Sports add-ons you can download.

Gone But Not Forgotten

At the time of writing the Pro Sports Kodi add-on wasn’t working so this could signal the add-on is no longer under development. It could also mean there was a problem somewhere else along the line, but for now, it is better to presume it is dead.

Other Sporting Access

With these 8 Kodi Sports add-ons, you would think you had enough choice, but there is more available.

These are more in the forms of streaming services in their own right rather than needing a Kodi add-on to access them.

This isn’t to say there are no Kodi add-ons which access these services. And for your viewing pleasure, it is recommended to view them through Kodi rather than attempting to watch them on a computer screen.

First, is beIN sports which host plenty of football matches and has garnered the name of the “Home of Football” so, for any football fanatic, there is plenty of teams to follow from around the globe.

We then come to the BBC iPlayer, and this can be accessed in a browser or via Kodi. In both instances, it will need the use of a VPN because of geo-blocked content and the iPlayer controls on content.

For watching anything regarding the world famous UK Premier league, there is nothing which can beat an hour sat down to watch MOTD (Match of the Day). The show in itself is famous and is favoured by numerous football fans.

Bypassing Geo-restrictions and Prevention of Data Retention

There are plenty of streaming services around which offer free content for people who live in the country where the service is hosted from (BBC an example).

But New Zealand isn’t that large to have a vast number of sports, so it is necessary to look elsewhere.

By using a VPN, New Zealand sports fans can access this content and bypass these restrictions without many comebacks. ISP’s are renowned for throttling connections when users are streaming for extended periods.

Worst of all is the streaming services which come from legitimate sources. They are then deemed illegal, and an entirely different outlook is given. It is this which gave rise to the sever clampdowns on Kodi add-ons.

With the location of New Zealand in relation to the rest of the world, the best VPN for Kodi needs to be fully utilised, and for this, there is really only one option.

ExpressVPN serves a vast number of people around the globe who are accessing these sports streams from their respective countries.

They also do this with full privacy and security, and no worries their data is being logged.

VPN’s and Streams

There is no way around the fact, a VPN slows down an internet connection, and what differs is by how much. This top tier VPN provider in Express VPN provides the best speeds while securing a user’s connection.

With regard to geo-blocked sports streams, Express VPN is the best in providing access to any streaming service from any country.

This it can do on a vast number of platforms from Xboxes to Android’ iOS to Smart TV’s and PC’s and Macs.

It can also be installed on a home router, so any New Zealand family who is arguing about not wanting to watch sport can easily power up their device and connect to US Netflix or some other Kodi add-on and catch the latest movie or TV show.

A sports fan who follows the best of the best team should know all about the best of the best when it comes to a VPN, and that is what Express VPN gives right from the get-go.

For the real sports fans, all of these 8 add-ons are the very best to provide more than enough sports no matter what day of the week.

If that doesn’t fit in, there are plenty of catch up services which allow for replays which gives a very little excuse in not being up to date with what’s happening in your favourite sports.

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