How to Install Kodi on Xbox One

Back in 2002, the original Xbox Media Player was released. This went on to become Kodi a few years later with adaption to many other devices.

With the introduction of the Xbox One, it was only a matter of time before Kodi was made available for this new games console.

At the very core, Microsoft’s Xbox One is still a gaming console, but it has expanded past this and moved on as a home entertainment hub. With this in mind, we will take a look at how to install Kodi on the Xbox One.

Kodi on Xbox One

One thing that should be noted is Kodi 17.6 Krypton doesn’t run on the Xbox because it is a 32-bit application. What we need to install is the current alpha version V18 which is a 64-bit application.

Because of this, there are a few bugs still to iron out, and some of the Kodi Xbox ones builds won’t run. Listed toward the end will show add-ons which are working once this version has been installed.

Installing Kodi on Xbox One

Because of all the hard work, Microsoft is doing; they have made things much more straightforward for users of Windows 10.

Because of this, users of the Xbox One now have access to the Windows store. Installing Kodi is simple, from here and can be done in a few clicks.

The only difference being it will download Kodi in the current alpha version rather than the version that will run on a PC.

  1. Power ON your Xbox and wait until the home screen comes up.
  2. Once you see this navigate to the ‘Microsoft Store‘ using the top main menu
  3. Select and click on ‘Search‘ and in the box type ‘Kodi.‘
  4. Look for the Kodi Xbox one app icon in the list of results and select it
  5. Finally, click on ‘Install.‘
  6. The correct Kodi version downloads and installs in the background
  7. You will finally see a notification that everything has been installed correctly

Kodi on your Xbox updatesUpdating Kodi on the Xbox One

Because you will have the latest development version of Kodi on your Xbox, there will be updates, bug fixes, and more compatibility.

At some point, the release version will be made available. With the Windows Store apps, you can receive these updates automatically, or you can update it manually by following this couple of steps

  • Navigate to ‘My Games & Apps’
  • Head to Updates in the left-hand sidebar

Uninstalling Kodi from your Xbox One

On occasion, you might need to uninstall the Kodi app. This could be because the version you have is causing problems, and you need to install the Kodi latest version again. This is straightforward to do and is carried out like you are uninstalling games.

You can also delete Kodi by heading to the home screen, highlight the title and press the menu button, this will give you the option to uninstall. The other method is as follows.

  1. From your Xbox Home Screen, navigate to My Games & Apps
  2. Search for Kodi in the list.
  3. Press the menu button on the controller;
  4. Go to Manage App and then select Uninstall.
  5. Now you can confirm the Kodi uninstallation

Working Add-ons for Kodi on the Xbox One

Once you have Kodi installed on your Xbox One, you will see like the Windows version it doesn’t do anything.

It is this reason Kodi needs to make use of add-ons. The problem here is that many of these stream copyright-protected content.

It is at this point it is highly advised to use a VPN before considering using these Kodi add-ons. A VPN will protect your identity and stop your ISP, government or any hackers from logging your activity.

Because VPN’s don’t fully work on the Xbox One, the best way to protect your identity is to find a VPN that can be installed on your home router.

Not all can do this, but the most highly recommended VPN for Kodi and streaming geo-blocked content can do this with ease.

best add-ons you can install on Kodi Xbox One

Best Xbox One Kodi Addons

Here are some of the best add-ons you can install on Kodi Xbox One.

Cerebro Showbox- has lots of content you can ask for from the US and UK. On occasions, the quality might not be the best, and there are a few dead streams here and there depending on what you wish to watch.

Exodus – a veteran add-on, but has lost the developer. It does still provide a vast array of TV shows and movies. This is rarely updated any longer.

Genesis Reborn – with this add-on you can find all the latest episodes of your favourite TV shows like Game of Thrones and Westworld among others. This is the second version of Genesis and is packed with a wealth of content.

Castaway – this Kodi for Xbox add-on functions very similar to Cerebro Showbox, but it doesn’t deliver any content from the USA and focuses on the UK streaming content.

Covenant – being the successor to Exodus, there is more than enough content that comes with this add-on. You can access content from AMC, Netflix, and Hulu, and all this comes with an easier to use interface.

Many users are turning away from adding add-ons one by one. The way to get around doing this time-consuming activity is to use the best Kodi build for Xbox One.

At present, the best is Duff X Kodi for Xbox. This is hugely popular because it works on the latest version of Kodi (v19 Leia).

This build is pretty significant in size and can take nearly 30 minutes to install. If you think your system has hung or frozen, you should not turn off your device during this process.

All of the add-ons in this Kodi build are working and include Genesis Reborn, Supremacy, Yoda, YouTube, Maverick TV, FlixNet, Incursion, Covenant, Placenta and more.

This Kodi build has all you need to turn your Xbox One into the media hub it was intended to be. With a VPN protecting your identity, you can watch all the free content safely and securely.

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