The Best Limetorrents Proxy

The Limetorrents search engine is big news and has been for a large number of years. It has been a huge crowd favourite and has been scorned by many a country, even if there are no such things as a Lime torrent torrent. All it does is display the links needed for the download to start.

Limetorrent the biggest names in torrentWhat is Limetorrent?

One of the biggest names in torrent sites is Limetorrents, and unlike some, it doesn’t host any files, and it only acts as a torrent directory.

Since 2009 Limetorrents has been one of the most familiar names associated with torrents and came to be in the top ten of most visited sites on the internet and not just one of the best torrent sites.

But, because most of the content that is listed on the site, it gained plenty of attention where there have been court cases, servers seized and plenty of other things which caused upheaval.

There are many countries which have Limetorrents on its hit list, and ISP’s are blocking access, or making it harder for lovers of the site to visit it.
To work around this, Limetorrents has many proxy or mirror sites it uses, but again, because of the attention of governing agencies, it is harder for this to remain up are they are becoming blocked in specific regions.

The site also faces a possible ban by Google. Pirate Bay, Lime, Torrentz2 proxy sites all work in the same way hence the switch to multiple locations.

Before finding out which of the mirrors are working, one piece of advice is to make use of a VPN service.

These will provide access to blocked Limetorrent proxies, and also keep your torrenting activities out of sight from agencies and your ISP.
It is only a matter of time before these agencies come knocking because they are failing at taking down torrent sites.

The end user can face severe penalties if it is found they are in possession of Limetorrent download movies which is illegally obtained content.

unblocking LimetorrentsLime Torrent Proxies Explained

Because some many countries are taking a stand against Limetorrents, as mentioned, the only way to access them is via a VPN or Limetorrents proxy servers.

To explain what proxy-sites do is straightforward, they sit between you and Limetorrents like a bridge that takes you to Limetorrents.

Rather than using your IP address, this is replaced by the IP address of the proxy site which then gets the relevant information from Limetorrents. This to anyone looking, will appear you never paid a visit to the Lime site at all.

Now, with all this in mind, there are vast numbers of torrent fans using these Limetorrents Proxy sites as a means of finding files for downloading. However, this doesn’t stop anyone being able to see the proxy you visit.

Governing agencies can still tie up loose ends, and they will always know users are heading to Limetorrentz via these proxies.

Additionally, there are many of these sites that are facing problems, some work and some don’t so we will show you the top Limetorrent proxies in 2019.

Working Limetorrent Proxies Unblocked Through Limetorrent Mirrors in 2019

Here are some of the top Lime torrent proxy sites which are still working at present:

Limetorrents Proxy and Mirror sitesStatusSpeed
Sitenable.coTakes you to sitenable.asiaAverage
Sitenable.chTakes you to sitenable.asiaAverage
Sitenable.infoTakes you to sitenable.asiaAverage
Siteget.netTakes you to sitenable.asiaAverage
Sitenable.pwTakes you to sitenable.asiaAverage
Sitenable.topTakes you to sitenable.asiaAverage
Freeanimesonline.comTakes you to sitenable.asiaAverage
Freeproxy.ioVery Fast

As you can see from the table above, some of the proxy-sites re-direct you to the same site. This you have no control over and can be frustrating.

There is also the fact, this cuts half of the 2019 Lime torrents proxy server number in half.

To make sure you can access the other mirrors directly without needing to go through proxies which you still need to enter the web address, you are better off using a VPN service, this we will now take a look at.

VPN to unblock LimetorrentsLimetorrents Torrenting with a VPN

The most significant problem with using a proxy or a mirror site to unblock Limetorrents is that you are not protected.

ISP’s can still see your activity when you begin downloading your torrent, so it is of little consequence if you have used a proxy site or not.

The only way to mask your connection is using a VPN. Then you are free to access any Lime torrents proxies, mirror sites, or any other place where you download torrents from. You will be hidden from sight, and any government agency will need to look elsewhere.

With a VPN all of your connection is private, and not only what you do in your browser, but this is also crucial when you download torrents.

To make sure you choose the best VPN for New Zealand, we have done all the hard work and come up with the only two viable options. These are very similar, but one does inch its way in front when you are using a VPN online.


This VPN has a network that spans 60 countries. It provides top-rated encryption, so no matter what your online activities are, you are safe in the knowledge, you are out of sight from any prying eyes.

The company has a 30-day money back guarantee, but some users report it can take another 30 days for this to be processed.

NordVPN is one of the few which are based outside of any jurisdiction (Panama), but their payment system is conducted inside the USA. This doesn’t mean they will ever hand over any incriminating user data, but it does mean an American company has information on you relating to the use of a VPN.

A kill switch is included by default, and the client software is available for an extensive range of devices and platforms.

Customer service is now 24/7, but some of the replies are a little pre-scripted which for new users might not be helpful. Nord is a good option, and that is why it is ranked number two, but it just doesn’t perform like the number one recommendation.


This VPN delivers the fastest speeds around its optimized network that covers 60+ countries. It has dedicated torrent servers which are optimized for this task.

Security is the same military-grade encryption used by banks, and the FBI and NSA, so if they can’t be broken in to, then neither can your connection.

ExpressVPN also gives a 30-day money back guarantee, but they differ because there are no questions, and it is almost immediate. This gives you a 30-day free trial if you decide to cancel. Many people don’t and carry on.

The service includes all of the top security features and has the broadest range of client software for multiple devices and platforms.

To access any working Limetorrents mirrors, then this is the VPN that will help you do it.