Hulu vs Netflix – Which is better?

The way we are watching TV shows and movies are changing at a rapid pace. Any person with a tablet, laptop or smartphone can stream endless content while they are on the move.

Now the days of watching from the couch are well gone, and one of the forerunners in the race is Netflix.

As big as they are, they have a contender who is trying hard to nip at their heels, and this contender is Hulu.

Netflix 2019

The question is, which one should users in New Zealand opt for, stick with the most well-known, or choose the underdog and watch as they get ever closer to the streaming service crown.

What all this comes down to is, which will be the best streaming service for 2019?

American Netflix

It is widely known that you can get American Netflix by using a regular Netflix subscription and using a VPN service. This does give you a wealth of content from the largest Netflix library in the world.

The biggest problem accessing this is, this streaming service is doing all it can to block VPN’s. If you don’t have one, or you have the wrong VPN, you can be stuck with the local version of Netflix which is a cut down version, and might not be showing shows at the same time as the USA.

Aside from the many shows, here are some of the hot movies on Netflix at the moment.

  • Star Wars: The Last Jedi
  • The Godfather
  • The Ballad of Buster Scruggs
  • Ghostbusters
  • Heat
  • Animal House
  • The Shining

Hulu Plus 2019Hulu Plus

This streaming service is brought to the world as a conglomeration of Disney, NBC Universal, and others. Since 2007 Hulu’s customer base has continued to grow.

And not being merely content with streaming some great Hulu shows, they are taking a leaf out of the Netflix book and releasing their own Hulu Originals.

One of the more recent titles which have the audiences gripped is “The Handmaids Tale.” Some other shows which are available on Hulu at present are:

  • Seinfeld
  • Cheers
  • The Office (UK)
  • Buffy the Vampire Slayer
  • The Shield
  • The X-Files
  • ER
  • Prime Suspect

You can see what shows are on Hulu covers plenty of old classics which are hard to find in one place, and are well worth watching over and over again.

When comparing streaming services, there are a few elements which need looking at to see which is the better between Hulu Plus Vs. Netflix.

netflix vs hulu plus streaming pricePrice of Streaming

This can be one of the determining factors for any service, so here we can see if you are getting your full bang for the buck from both services.

Netflix offers different pricing structures for what you want to watch.

  • Basic – $7.99 per month – 1 device at a time
  • Standard – $10.99 HD video on two devices
  • Premium – $13.99 Ultra HD on four Netflix devices at once

How much is Hulu compared to this? For a start off, Hulu keeps things much more straightforward and only comes with two options.

  • Regular – $7.99 per month – comes with advertisements
  • Commercial free – $11.99 per month

Both platforms offer a top of the range premium package which comes in at $30 per month for Netflix and $39 per month for Hulu. Looking at what most people will view, they are very similar in comparison.

One thing to note is, Hulu allows six profiles per account with streaming to one device, but it has been reported the service can be viewed on two devices simultaneously.

Content Library of the Streaming Giants

This is where the most significant difference was seen between the two. Netflix concentrated on Movies but has slowly changed their focus toward TV shows. With around 1,500 shows available they are making inroads into Hulu Plus territory.

As TV networks own Hulu, their focus has always been on great TV shows, and from this standpoint, they have always had the upper hand, or they did until the last couple of years.

They still have options to add more channels which will bolster their TV show numbers such as HBO.

As it stands, Hulu is the go-to place for all viewers next-day streaming all packaged up into one service.

Movies swing in favour of Netflix, but as the focus is more on TV shows, these figures are becoming less significant.

Streaming Devices

Both services can be viewed on very similar devices, and wherever you can stream video’s the two services will run. This includes computers, tablets, smartphones, game consoles, TV’s and many more.

When you weigh up the features, both services offer plenty of content. Netflix does have a more extensive content library, but Hulu is catching up and does have the advantage of being owned by TV networks. At the end of the day, it is down to NZ viewer’s choice of what they will watch more of.

TV shows are becoming of much higher quality, and they are in more convenient sizes, so it is possible to watch them after a busy day at work.

With all this being quantified, they are pretty equal for most users, and they do have one thing in common.

Geo-restrictions for Netflix and Hulu

Both sites are geo-restricted. If there were one area any user would say they could be improved, it would be offering the same content globally.

Unfortunately, they both fall foul of the same problem, to get American Netflix you need to sign up to a VPN service to bypass geo-restrictions.

Netflix is making it harder for VPN’s to spoof their way past their defences.

Users who wish to unblock Hulu Plus are also faced with the same problems. Geo-restrictions make it hard for lovers of either service.

However, one thing which can make viewing both services easy is by signing up for a VPN service that can bypass any Netflix or Hulu restrictions.

When you use a good VPN, you can quickly sign up to either service and have your fill of great content.

Luckily, choosing the best VPN for New Zealand is much easier than trying to find the best streaming service for 2019.

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