Top 7 Best Plex Channels (Unoffical Plugin Guide)

Lots of people have heard of Kodi and its ability to give users access to streaming content. However, they might not know of Plex. This application first focused and helped them to create their own Hulu of Netflix.

With using Plex, they could take a collection of movies or music and then have a Plex server application distribute these to any device which had a Plex client installed.

Plex also has the ability (like Kodi) to stream content online through various channels. With these channels which act the same as Kodi add-ons offer content which is official and also many Plex unofficial channels.

Install Plex Channels

Here we will take a look at the 7 best Plex Channels followed by a word of warning of using an unofficial Plex plugin list, and the way to protect yourself at the end.

Best Plex Channels

1. BitTorrent for PlexBitTorrent for Plex

With a name that is well known with downloaders, it was obvious BitTorrent would be the first on the Plex channels list. It can bring you plenty of TV shows and movies which are available on torrent sites.

It must be said this is definitely not an official Plex plugin but does bring everything to make its place at the top of the list.

With a vast library of movies and TV shows in a well-organised library and catalogue. With this, the content is both 720p and 1080p HD quality.

Speeds can be better than other channels because like the downloading side, it uses the same torrent protocol to stream its content.

The only downside being as many ISP’s blocks the torrent protocol it might not work unless you use a workaround. Using a good quality VPN can get around this very easily.

2. Bring the Popcorn

An excellent title for the number two on our Plex add-ons list. With this, you can access many popular Hollywood movies in various categories.

It even contains movies which you can’t find on other Plex channels such as older movie titles.

It does, however, fall down when looking for the very latest movies or TV shows because they update their databases once the content has already been aired.

This unofficial Plex channel will bring the best content if you are prepared to wait a little while.

3. cCloud TVcCloud TV for Plex

Still being one of the top Plex channels cCloud TV is very popular and offers not only movies, TV shows and radio it also gives access to live TV and mainly sports.

All the streams it provides are categorised by the usual headings of the genre. Country and language.

It is this live TV offering which maintains its position as one of the best Plex channels for users to install.

4. Full Movies on Reddit

There will be a vast number of users who will be very familiar with the subreddit for showing movies on YouTube.

Here there are thousands of movies which are categorised and uploaded from various places. These are, as with any good content catalogues listed by year, genre and resolution.

The power of this channel is it can tap directly into this huge resource and will offer users Reddit movie streams, of the top 20 listings at any time throughout the day.

5. FMoviesPlusFMoviesPlus for Plex

This channel has to be one of the best Plex unsupported channels because the channel has many high-speed servers which will deliver 1080p content directly to your device.

The user interface is clean and simple to use, and it also displays the metadata about the movies being chosen.

With this, you can quickly create bookmarks, and a worthy feature is their dumb keyboard for search-impaired users.

6. SS-Plex

This channel gives users a promise which it lives by, and it is this which makes it one of the best Plex movie channels.

Their catalogue consists of a single collection of TV shows and movies which have been scraped from all around the internet. With this, there is no need to download any file to be able to watch the content.

With this, you will be presented with a wide-ranging selection and varying quality with reliable streams.

One very handy feature is SS-Plex gets automatically updated, and you can watch the content on any device which is Plex compatible.

7. CBCCBC for Plex

This Plex channel gives access to the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation as well as offering highlights and other forms of accessible content.

One drawback is the geo-restrictions which are in place. However, you will soon see how you can bypass these and gain access.

Warnings and Restrictions

Over the past few months, there has been an increasing clampdown on streaming of illegal content.

This can be ISP’s blocking you from accessing streams or causing problems in the streaming process and making your experience nowhere as near as enjoyable.

There is a simple solution to this, and it is the solution many Kodi users already use to protect their connections and to also bypass any geo-restrictions which are in place.

The best VPN for Kodi offers the fastest speeds and the best coverage for countries which are at the very extremes of the globe. New Zealand is one of these.

Unblocking Plex ChannelsNordVPN can be an excellent second alternative, but although they are based in Panama, they are linked to a US-based company which falls under the 5-eyes jurisdiction.

In the case, you are unhappy it can take this VPN provider nearly 30 days to process your refund.

On the other hand the best VPN for Plex which performs all of its security functions with ease, and delivers the fastest speeds for all of your streaming and any torrenting you might wish to do.

ExpressVPN stands out as the clear leader for any New Zealand home whose family enjoys all the latest movies and shows Plex has to offer.

If for any reason you are not happy, they offer a no quibble 30-day money back guarantee which doesn’t take almost a month to process.

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