How to Download Popcorn Time and Make it Work in New Zealand

What is Popcorn Time? It is a multi-platform, open-source BitTorrent client that also has an integrated media player.

It’s known as Netflix’s alternative for pirates. Instead of streaming, Popcorn Time uses the BitTorrent protocol for sequential downloading and playing the movies in its media player.

As soon as you start downloading, it also uploads (or seeds, in technical terms) the file for download by other users. One of the reasons for its popularity is that it’s quick in indexing the latest movies and shows.

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How does popcorn time work

It works much like Netflix, has got lot more new movies though. You navigate through the Popcorn Time free movies catalogue, or you can run a search. Once you select a video, the streaming starts.

By the way, the entire system is based on torrents. When you choose to stream a file, the app downloads a torrent file and also seeds the file back out to everyone else. It’s no different than downloading the file using a traditional torrent client. Consider Popcorn Time as a pretty media index which also is a torrent client.

The software rose to publicity in a very short duration, and with so much of illegal movement, the original project was shut down soon. But with the help of the open-source code, other developers have made many clones.

How to download Popcorn Time

After the original program discontinued, many clones such as and emerged. Each of them offers an app for use in Windows, MacOS, iOS, Android as well as Linux. The apps can be downloaded for free on their website.

Is Popcorn Time safe

Thinking it as a streaming service, most of the users never thought where the content actually came from. Even the users who were aware that the files may not have a legal origin didn’t know the technology behind. Now you know if PT is safe or not. If you are still confused we would like to assure you, it is as safe as torrenting via your daily torrent client.

Apart from the associated risks of illegal torrenting, safety always remains questionable with so many cloned versions available to download. Users also have faced problems of Popcorn Time not working and thus they switch to some other working clone. Be sure of one thing, torrent clients earn by tracking your data and showing ads. So, you should always use a VPN to hide your identity and to be safe from tracking.

Watch Popcorn Time through a VPN

A VPN (short for Virtual Private Network) encrypts the data transferred to or from you. Your activity is thus, safe Popcorn Time with Express VPNagainst monitoring.

What is a VPN? It hides your IP address, and all your activity seems to come from the country, server of which you have chosen to connect to. Because of this redirection and passage of traffic data, VPNs tend to make the network slow.

One of the most recommended VPN services is ExpressVPN. It supports the P2P technology used, provides a high quality of service, and the average speed is faster than others. It does not keep activity logs and thus, tracing back a file to you is difficult, if not impossible.