Popcornflix Review (Movie Streaming Website)

POPCORNFLIX has over 1,500 free movie and TV shows options, and offers entertainment content from Screen Media Ventures, LLC. This is a distributor of motion pictures founded in back in 1999.

Although most of the content is not Hollywood blockbuster level, it will contain titles that many users have not heard of.

However, they can still access documentaries, foreign films, scary movies, lots of children’s content and many other genres.

PopcornFlix streaming service

PopcornFlix does not have much written content about it and all viewing will be done through a browser or through their mobile app.

Is PopcornFlix Legal?

When users stream and download movies for free, they are most times illegal. Websites aren’t able to support the licensing fees which come with these movies, or they cannot pay for streaming modules.

There are some websites that offer a streaming service, and it allows users to watch free movies.

They do this by streaming either indie films, Community Commons or other low fee movies which are often out of copyright.

One other way they do this is by being ad-supported. PopcornFlix falls into many of these categories. With help from Screen Media, and ads they can deliver free movies and TV shows.

The site and the service is thus, 100% legal.

How Does PopcornFlix Work?

PopcornFlix asks you to sign up for an account. For this, you agree to watch the ads they show.

This is how they pay their licensing. The library is small and only contains around 700 PopcornFlix free movies.

As they are a part of Screen Media, their indie movie licensing fees are minute by comparison.

Is PopcornFlix any Good?

The interface is much the same as any other sites where you can watch movies online for free, in this case, free means legal.

It delivers plenty of different genres such as Action, Comedy, Drama, Family Thriller, Foreign movies, Mystery, Old School Cool, Stand-up, Documentaries and classic cinema online.

While the selection may not be huge, there is plenty in their internet archive to keep plenty of individuals happy.

If you are after the most recent Hollywood blockbusters, it will disappoint you as all their content is free and legal.

PopcornFlix Ads and Buffering

Being a free service funded by ads, there is plenty. Luckily, these are short, and won’t be too intrusive if you are watching a feature-length movie.

In most cases, they place these ads at the start of the movie, and run for around 15-20 seconds and them interspersing the move you are watching.

This isn’t such a bad trade, but if you are watching classic movies, it may feel strange to pause for ads to be shown.

One of the largest gripes of users streaming movies is the buffering which starts halfway through a movie.

While it wasn’t experienced during this review, it may happen depending on your location or your ISP throttling your connection.

PopcornFlix Apps for any devicesPopcornFlix Apps

PopcornFlix supports quite a few devices. This includes Apple TV, Roku, FireStick’s Xbox, iOS and the browser support.

There are apps available in both the Google Play store and the Apple store. The app available for Android is an all in one app, but the one for iOS comes with four versions.
You have separate apps called FrightPix, PopcornFlix Kids, Comedy and an app in Spanish.

All these allow users to watch free movies, TV shows while on the go. All movies are full length, and it is easy to see why this is becoming one of the top movie streaming sites for kids and adults alike.

PopcornFlix Downsides

While any user can make use of the PopcornFlix streaming for free. There are some downsides and users should take some precaution, although it isn’t as bad as it sounds.

There are not many safe online movies sites on the internet as most of them are downloading illegal movies.

This leaves users vulnerable, and if they watch or download the latest sci-fi blockbuster, then they could commit piracy and copyright infringement.

The threats that users face from PopcornFlix are from their ISP and from PopcornFlix itself.

ISP’s will throttle connections when users are streaming and watching a movie for free, this means your connection can come to a crawl. Once this happens, you will get buffering which will ruin your experience.

Second is when you delve into the privacy statement. PopcornFlix follows the same route as many other safe movie download sites and says they will collect user data.

With this, they may use it to enhance their services and to pass on for marketing purposes. This means the ads you see may be already targeted to you, and you may receive additional ones via email.

To prevent all of this, it is recommended to use a VPN service. But, even this can be a hard choice for New Zealand.

Luckily, we have done all the hard work for users and have one recommendation.

ExpressVPN is the best VPN for streaming because it uses optimised servers and maintains strict privacy policies and keeps zero logs.

Any user can watch PopcornFlix with no worry of slow connections or unnecessary ads bombarding them.

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