How to Configure Real Debrid on Kodi

One beauty of Kodi is it delivers simplicity in the way it delivers content to multiple devices. Once you have it set-up, all you need is to find one of the best Kodi add-ons and you can start to watch all your favourite movies and TV shows.

The add-ons trawl the web and scape all the links for available streams and deliver these in one convenient location.

However, there is a way to enhance this even further. This is by using the Real Debrid service.

Real Debrid on Kodi Add-ons

When you integrate Real Debrid into Kodi, you find you have fewer dead links and receiving many more links to choose.

Here, we will look at the Real Debrid service and how you configure it to run in Kodi.

What is Real Debrid?

Real Debrid classes themselves as an ‘Unrestricted Downloader’ and with this, the massive multi-hoster delivers access too many more premium sources than Kodi users can find from using the regular add-ons.

With a Real Debrid premium account, users can receive many new 4K links on top of the many HD links that are delivered right into Kodi.

To make things even better, you will find the internet connection speed is faster, so there is less buffering if any at all.

With this, we will take a look how to install and configure apps/ apk’s and also how to make sure that your use of Kodi is protected from any prying eyes such as your ISP, government or agencies who work on behalf of the MPAA or other movie/ TV studios.

Signing Up For a Real Debrid Account

To get the best use out of this service, you need to create a Real Debrid Account. This you
need to do before you even try to make use in Kodi.

  1. Navigate to the Real Debrid website at you can use any browser on either your computer or mobile device.
  2. Click the Sign Up button
  3. When the Sign Up form is displayed, enter your personal information so you can create your account
  4. Once you have given your details, click Sign Up button at the bottom of the form
  5. You now need to validate your given email address. You need this to activate your Real-Debrid account.
  6. Log into your email account and open the email received from Real Debrid. Click the verification link to validate.

The email you receive from Real Debrid should be like this:

Once your account has been activated, you will see the following notification page. This will say your account has been activated

Navigate back to Real Debrid’s main page at and click on the Login button.

You can now login with the credentials you created when signing up. This comprises your username, password and email address.

Real Debrid is a premium service and comes with a cost. There is though a kind of free trial. Here we will take a quick look at how you can access this.

Real Debrid Free

The Real Debrid free account offers limited services compared to their premium accounts.

Free Real Debrid services are available during their Happy Hours. These are 5 AM in the morning until 11 AM (all times are in GMT +0). This gives you 6 hours.

Even during these free hours, you still do not have access to all premium hosters. You may just see a handful of additional HD links in Kodi.

Real Debrid Pricing

The Real Debrid prices are very affordable. You 24/7 service to all the Premium Hosters. Additionally you get up to 300 Mbps download speed if your connection can support this. Then there is unlimited bandwidth, parallel downloading, and you have zero ads to contend with.

When signing up, you have four account options. Each of these refers to the sign-up period, and the number of ‘Fidelity Points’ you can receive.

Here is the Real Debrid price for each sign up period.

  • RD No1: 3 Euro for 15 days – Fidelity Points = 150
  • RD No2: 4 Euro for 30 days – Fidelity Points = 200
  • RD No3: 9 Euro for 90 days – Fidelity Points = 450
  • RD No4: 16 Euro for 180 days – Fidelity Points = 800

Each plan offers Fidelity Points. The more expensive the plan/ the longer you sign up, the more Fidelity Points you earn.

These Fidelity points accumulate with each purchase, and when you have collected 1,000, you redeem these for 30 days of free premium Real Debrid services.

Real Debrid accepts multiple payment options, which includes Credit Card, Amazon Pay, Bitcoin, and PayPal.

Preparing Kodi For Real Debrid

By default, Kodi is set-up to prevent the addition of third-party add-ons from Unknown sources. To make sure all add-ons and Real Debrid work, we need to change this.

Here are the steps to enabling this.

  1. Start Kodi and make sure you are on the Home Page.
  2. Click the gear icon. This is located in the top-left-hand corner. This takes you to application settings.
  3. Click on ‘System’ to the right of your screen. (This is a ‘System Settings‘ in earlier versions of Kodi).
  4. Hover over ‘Add-ons.’
  5. To the right, toggle ‘Unknown Sources’ to enabled
  6. A warning message will pop up. Click ‘Yes’ to accept

Installing Real Debrid to Kodi

Installing Real Debrid to Kodi 17.6 Krypton

Regardless the device/platform on which you are using These steps in Kodi are the same for every device or platform Kodi supports, this includes Amazon Fire TV/ FireStick, mobile devices, computers and other models of Kodi TV box.

  1. Click the option Settings on the Kodi home screen
  2. Open System Settings
  3. In the bottom left, you will see a cog icon. Default settings is Basic. Click repeatedly until it changes over to Advanced.
  4. Click Add-ons and then Click Manage Dependencies on the right
  5. Scroll to the bottom and click URLResolver. You may not see the Kodi URLResolver on occasions, and it will be ResolveURL. Click this if it is the case.

Note: If you do not see either option, this means you do not have a Kodi add-on installed, or one that does not support Real Debrid.

Install a supported add-on. Covenant, Exodus Redux and Neptune Rising install the URLResolver service.

Install one of these add-ons first and then proceed with the steps below after running through the steps above.

  1. Click the Configure button
  2. In the Settings window on the left click Universal Resolvers
  3. Scroll down to the Real-Debrid section. On the right, click Priority
  4. Delete the default value of 100 and enter 90 using the on-screen keypad. Note: Real-
  5. Debrid won’t work if the priority value isn’t 90
  6. Click Done
  7. You will be in the Settings window. Click OK so the priority value is set to 90
  8. Click Configure again and Click Universal Resolvers on the left
  9. Scroll down to find the Real-Debrid section. Click (Re) Authorise My Account
  10. A pop-up shows a code. This code expires in 120 seconds (2 minutes).
  11. Open in your browser and log in to Real Debrid.
  12. Enter the code on the Real Debrid device page and click Continue
  13. If authorizing Kodi for the first time on the device, you will use it. You may be asked permission after clicking Continue.
  14. Return to Kodi. You will see a notification to the top-right. Real-Debrid Resolver Authorised.
  15. You are all done. You will see all Real Debrid streams show first in your add-ons

Real Debrid Not Working

If you assume Real Debrid not working, the first thing is try re-authorising your URLResolver/ ResolveURL settings. This synchronises back to your Real Debrid account.

Also check your account; many people say the service is down. They then find their premium account has ended.

VPN to unlock Real Debrid

Use a VPN with Real Debrid and Kodi Add-ons

As good as the Real Debrid service is they log user data. This means Kodi users are at risk this information could be passed on to any governing party.

Real Debrid claims all files hosted are on their resolvers, and they do not hold any content.

What this means is that Real Debrid will pass all blame for copyright infringement to their users.
Add onto this, that your ISP will know your IP address and as soon as you watch any movies, TV shows or any other content that infringes on copyright, then you can face a notice through the letterbox.

The same is for any Kodi add-on you use, because these links are mainly illegal. All users are recommended to use a VPN for Kodi box, or whatever device they use.

With one recommendation being ExpressVPN because it is the best for delivering the best internet speed out of most VPN’s to New Zealand, you can have the best viewing experience when you watch your favourite TV shows or movies.

Add to this, their 30-day money-back guarantee and you can test out the wealth of features and benefits this VPN delivers.

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