5 Best Flixtor Alternatives

There are lots of sites springing up that claim to be the best. A few streaming services claim to be the next Flixtor, but many do not live up to their promises.

Flixtor was under huge amounts of pressure for allowing users to access thousands of movies, and after a while, it succumbed and close up its doors.

From what was one of the best streaming sites to watch free movies and TV shows, it came to nothing, so let’s look at some Flixtor alternatives.

Flixtor the streaming website

This left users in a scramble to find a replacement.

Some things have a habit of returning, and this Flixtor is again up and running. However, to make sure you are no longer left in the dark, it is recommended to look for an alternative in case it all goes wrong again.

Here, we won’t give a new Flixtor review, but we will look at what happened and then move onto 5 sites like Flixtor and what users can do to make sure they are not dragged into any of the copyright infringement mess that plagued Flixtor.

What Happened to Flixtor?

At the time of happening, there was a little confusion between Flixtor and a streaming app of the same name. This was operating with little downtime, but with Flixtor the streaming website, it was a very different story.

The site moved away from Cloudflare where it had its domain name servers changed, and at the same time, it’s A records were removed.

Anyone who was attempting to visit the site would soon see an error message. Several hours later, there was still no sign and an added A record was pointing to their local host.

If this wasn’t worrying enough for the lovers of this movie streaming website, even their backup domains were facing the same issue.

When all this happened, there were some users who went on to create an account for VIP access, only to find they were out of pocket.

This left users asking is Flixtor legal? In the law’s word, it doesn’t say movie streaming is illegal. Only sharing them is illegal. Flixtor wasn’t hosting content, so the other question people were asking ‘is Flixtor safe to use?’

Yes the site was safe as they held no content. As to the sources, then this is a different matter.

Popcorn Time alternative for Flixtor

Alternatives to Flixtor:

Popcorn Time

Popcorn Time isn’t actually a website, but rather an app. However, for the abundance of free movie and TV shows you can stream, it deserves a mention.

Once you open the app, you have full access to a massive library of content. The collection of movies is among the largest, and all you need to do is select your movie and the quality, then the app takes over and does everything else.

Movies Joy

MoviesJoy has no ads which is rare for streaming sites. This free movie and TV service delivers fast HD streaming. In testing we saw that some of the content wasn’t full 1080p and only 720p.

They label movies between cam or HD, so you can instantly see which is good quality, and which may be jittery.

Captions are fixed, so there’s no way to disable these, and only become obtrusive when you use smaller screens. It has well over 1,000 titles, so there is lots to watch.

Watch Series

Although this site doesn’t offer many movies, for TV series there is not much else that can better it.

Watch Series, alternative to Flixtor is debatable as there are tons of pop-ups you can experience when viewing.

Watch Series is quick and responsive. But, once you click your link, you are then taken to a third-party site to watch your streamed free TV show.

Video quality is good, but there are some concerns of the reliability of the third-party sites you are taken to.


This has a slick interface and it is a joy to use. SubsMovies has plenty of the latest movies, but they come with subtitles, hence the name SubsMovies.

This doesn’t hinder your viewing and can make things more relaxed if you are hard of hearing.

Everything is well organized, so it can make finding the best version to watch a breeze. The site gives the impression it is only an indexing site, but once you click play, you will see right in the browser, movies online playing with no jumping to another page.


This is another streaming alternative where you can easily find your favourite movie. Once you open the site, you are presented with all the movies media covers and with a quick click, the movies plays directly in the browser.

You may find that clicking on some of the links takes you to a second page where you are asked to sign up for an account.

Flixtor and VPNUsing a VPN for Online Streaming

With all these sites and with Flixtor, your ISP will know what you are accessing. Not only this, with all the attention these streaming sources are gaining, it’s only a matter of time before these agencies and ISP’s target users. It is advised to use a decent VPN provider.

Added to this is the fact your ISP will slow your connection when streaming, they do this to save money and to stop you hogging all the bandwidth. The fact you paid for that doesn’t appear to make them think any different.

VPN’s are not made equal, and not all support New Zealand or other remote regions. IPVanish is one of the better known VPN’s but they lack many major features. They deliver a decent service, but there are many more that are better.

One of the alternative VPN’s that isn’t merely a little better, it is a lot better as it delivers more features than most other VPN’s.

ExpressVPN isn’t based in any jurisdiction, it supports New Zealand really well, and it will stop your ISP or government from seeing what you are watching.

If it is true that Flixtor is back up, then your viewing deserves the best VPN to enable you to do this safely.

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