How to Watch Big Bang Theory Online

The Big Bang Theory has been around for 11 seasons. The final season made history this year as CBS Interactive passed their 276th show.

Big Bang is now the longest running multi-camera sitcom ever produced.

Because the show will soon be no more, keen viewers want to go back over past seasons and recap how two nerds deal with arrival of Penny who moves in next door.

Because the only place you can watch all the episodes of the Big Bang Theory online is from the United States, viewers do need a VPN.

Luckily, we have the ideal solution for this. We will show where to go, to access the show. Before that, we will take a quick recap of the show.

Big Bang Theory the longest running multi-camera sitcom

What is Big Bang Theory?

Leonard and Sheldon are workmates and brilliant physicists who work in Cal Tech. They are also best friends and roommates.

With another couple of friends Rajesh Koothrappali and Howard Wolowitz. They spend their free time on personal projects, video games and comics.

When Penny moves in, Leonard has a new personal venture, to make Penny his girlfriend.

With countless goings on all the way to the final series, there have been plenty of giggles along the way with awkward mishaps around every corner.

There is Amy thinking she is going to win a Nobel Prize. The pressures builds and thoughts of what it will mean to women everywhere if Amy were to win. The guys see if Amy were to win, it would lead to her having a breakdown.

Koothrappali and Wolowitz meanwhile take a step back to their younger years when they were both free spirited.

Wolowitz gets reckless and thinks about getting a scooter.

The groundbreaking show has pleased viewers for years, and now its ending, viewers are desperate to find how to watch The Big Bang Theory online.

Where to Watch Big Bang Theory?

Nowadays, The Big Bang Theory is a CBS All Access exclusive. Therefore, it makes sense to use this source first.

While it is easy to sign up for CBS, it does require a VPN to bypass the geo-restrictions in place that only allow US citizens to access the content.

These mask your IP address, so the streaming service (or any other service) will think you are inside the USA.

Here are the straightforward instructions to follow to sign up for the CBS streaming service.

  1. Head to the CBS website
  2. Click on “Try It Free.”
  3. Enter your details and create a password.
  4. Read the terms of use, privacy, and video services policy. Click the check box to agree.
  5. Click on “Sign Up.”
  6. Select your plan, and enter your billing information.
  7. Click on “Start CBS All Access.”
  8. Select Your Device to set up a streaming device. You can also just click an episode to start The Big Bang Theory streaming right on your computer.

All Access includes a free trial. You do need to enter billing info, but you’re not charged if you cancel before your trial ends.

If you have enough of TBBT, you can browse around the TV schedule, and see what other great shows are on.

There are 2 plans, one with ads and one without. With costs, $5.99 per month while no ads cost $9.99 per month.

The CBS app supports Amazon Fire TV, Roku, Android and iOS as well as desktops.

Where Else Can I Watch The Big Bang Theory?

The next best place is Hulu. This other streaming service comes with CBS included. It has a mass of great content, and may be the ideal choice for many users. This does also require a top VPN service to access.

The sign up procedure is almost identical, and the prices are very similar. The only difference being the number of different channels Hulu supports. Hulu also has a free trial for new subscribers.

Watch Big Bang Theory using Best VPN

Using a VPN to Watch The Big Bang Theory

Finding VPN’s which support New Zealand can be hard work. Therefore, to cut through all that, there is one proven VPN service that delivers the best streaming experience.

When you use ExpressVPN, you have the best of everything. It hides your online identity, and mask that your online activity is. Your ISP won’t throttle your connection, so you won’t encounter any buffering.

The sign up procedure is easier than either of the two streaming services. Within 30 minutes, you can watch CBS online.

To cap it all, you can make use of the no argument 30-day money back guarantee, and use it as a free trial.

Sign up for either streaming service along with this top-quality VPN and you can watch Big Bang online, free.

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