The Top 10 Best Kodi Builds

Kodi is a fantastic piece of software which has brought plenty of enjoyment to many viewers of TV shows, Sporting events, and movies, but there is still the need for more add-ons to replace broken ones.

There are also Kodi add-ons which have suffered to the continual pressure from organizations which class much of the content as illegal.

Second to this, over time Kodi can suffer from too many add-ons being installed, and it becomes slower in operation.

This can be more the case when add-ons are installed on Amazon FireStick’s or other devices which lack overall computing power.

Here we will take a look at 10 of the best overall add-ons for Kodi 17, and the latter Kodi 18 builds.

Lastly, we will take a look how you can prevent yourself being caught up in the Kodi clampdown wrangle, or how you can bypass any geo-restrictions on content which is delivered from your top Kodi builds.

Top 10 Kodi Add-ons

Fresh Starts

This add-on is first on the list of top 10 Kodi builds because it will reset your Kodi back to a clean state, or that of a fresh install.

It makes your Kodi new, so no clutter or broken add-ons is lurking in your menus.

Fresh StartsAfter installing in the regular add-on procedure, you select to run and then you are asked if you wish to restore Kodi to its default state.

Once you re-start your Kodi, all the changes will be applied. The Fresh Starts add-on can only be found in the following 2 repo’s: Kodil repo and Dimitrology.

If you have add-ons already installed in Kodi, it is advisable to run this add-on to give you the best Kodi setup from where to start again.

Installing Fresh Starts

  1. Open Kodi and Click on the settings icon on the top menu
  2. Choose File Manager then double-click on Add Source
  3. After you click on ‘None’ option, type or paste this URL then Select OK
  4. Underneath Type the repository name, i.e., kodil > Select OK.
  5. Navigate to the Kodi Main Menu and select Add-ons then the Box-icon and Install from Zip File option.
  6. Locate and select kodil > Then click on
  7. Click Install from Repository > Cyphers Lockers
  8. Select Program Add-ons and Choose Fresh Start then Click Install
  9. *kodil can be any name you give to the media file*

Titanium Build on Kodi 17.6 Krypton

This add-on is available for FireStick’s, Android TV Boxes as well as any other device where you have Kodi installed such as PC/ Smartphone, etc.

Currently, Titanium Build is one of the most popular because it allows you to manage all your add-ons from one location.

Titanium Build on Kodi 17.6 KryptonYou can now install them with one click. This add-on also gives the Kodi interface a drastic overhaul of the interface, and from here it is even more functional than Kodi 18.

Titanium is a part of the Supreme Builds add-on, so this needs to be installed first. This can be done in the regular way of adding source, naming the source, install from the repo and then install from the zip, etc.

When you are done installing this Kodi wizard add-on, you can open it and then select Titanium from any of the available servers.

When you run it, it gives 2 options Fresh install or standard install. Fresh wipes all your Kodi data, so it is like a clean install, and standard keeps your current add-ons.

Kodi Config Wizard

This is an alternative one-click approach for managing all of your add-ons and tweaks. The Kodi Config Wizard can be found in the Indigo tool and allows you to configure Kodi with little effort.

With this, you need to install Indigo first and then when this is opened you have access to the Config Wizard.

Kodi Config WizardWhen you run this, you get a confirmation box asking if you wish to automatically configure your Kodi build with the best add-ons and tweaks.

When you restart Kodi, you will be presented with a raft of add-ons already installed ready for use.

Misfit Mod

This comes in 2 versions, the regular and the Misfit Mod Lite version. There isn’t much to choose between them apart from the lite version being perhaps the best Kodi build for FireStick or other devices which are limited on storage.

This also adds your favourite add-ons with one click, and ones which are associated with the Misfit add-on are:

Misfit ModBennu, ESPN 3, GoodFellas, SpinzFlix, SportsDevil, YouTube, Project M, Crackle, The Pyramid among others.

Once installed you are presented with an easy to follow menu for popular movies and TV shows along with live events. HD streaming is much easier and more fun with this great add-on.

Limits Magic Build

This add-on is one of the Kodi custom builds that users are using for adding all of their content add-ons with one simple click.

It has a user-friendly interface and comes with plenty of add-ons installed along with it which actually work. The No Limits Magic Build is a great first add-on for new Kodi users because it is advised to start with default settings.

Limits Magic BuildThe Kodi No Limits Add-ons installed are:

Movies, TV Shows, Live TV, Sports, Bennu, Bob Unleashed, Quantam, UK Turks, Her Place, XXX, Tools, System, Power, Kids, and Music, and other tools.

Fire TV Guru

Amazon firesticks are hugely popular because of their ease of streaming content without the need for PCs or cumbersome devices.

This is what this add-on was primarily created for, hence the name Fire TV Guru. This being said, it will run on any Kodi device, but on PC’s or larger devices, it might make your Kodi experience much quicker when navigating around the plethora of content this add-on makes available.

Fire TV GuruFor a build installer of around 300Mb in size it adds plenty which can be seen here:

Covenant, Not Sure, Elysium, Bob Unleashed, and Tykes, Nfl Games, Quantum, SkyNet, NBC Sports Live Extra, IPTV Bonanza, Falcon Sports, Globe TV, Picasso, Bennu, Bucky Movies, Fire Fitness, Bass Box and FTFA.

As with others, during installation, you have Standard install (Keeps your data) or Fresh install which gives you a factory reset. As this was design for one device in particular, it could be the best build for fire.

Ares Wizard

This is one add-on any New Zealand Kodi user should ensure to be installed Kodi 17.6 and above.

The Ares project where this add-on stems from is one of the very best and longest running repos which is well-maintained.

The repo has plenty of other content to offer, but it is the Ares Wizard which deserves a special mention.

Ares WizardAlthough it doesn’t offer automatic installation of add-ons, it makes installing a Kodi build easily from the clean interface users are presented with.

The best section though is the Maintenance and Tweaks sections which will be useful for New Zealand because it can help to optimize options users might be unaware of.

This can make streaming content work great without stuttering or buffering which might be caused by ISP throttling. (more on this later)

Merlin Wizard Build

The way Kodi works is much like other software, and it makes use of a cache to improve performance and help combat stuttering or buffering. But, over time this becomes full because it is only around 20Mb in size.

There are many add-ons which override this cache and store information onto your hard-drive.

Merlin Wizard BuildThis isn’t a problem if using PC’s or Kodi boxes which contain plenty of storage, but for smaller devices, messages about clearing the cache can quickly pop-up.

With this you’ll get a slow playback when watching movies, TV shows live. Merlin Wizard makes this easy rather than delving into your settings and searching for the setting.

This maintenance add-on is excellent for keeping Kodi in tip-top shape. When installed click on Merlin Wizard and then you have the Toolbox option which contains 3 items.

  • Clear Cache
  • Delete packages
  • Delete thumbnails

It is advised to select all three one-by-one to free up space.

Kodi Collusion

This is brand-new, and the name might not be familiar to many New Zealand Kodi users. The great thing about this is the minimal size.

With an install guide size of only 190Mb, it is lighter than most other Kodi builds available

Kodi CollusionIt comes with the Aeon-Nox skin and comes without any unnecessary widgets. This is an excellent add-on for Firesticks because of its small size and no bloat.

Although all of the above are maintenance or all-in-one builds, it is nice to customize Kodi a little for our own preferences.

This is another area where you can learn how to install add-ons without affecting your content streams.

Kodi themes can make all the difference, especially on low-power devices. Here is one of the best to give you simple to navigate interfaces.


This was designed to be both simple yet effective. And this it does on equal measure. It is unaffected by design, but it makes it very easy to pick the next TV show or film. The great thing with this add-on is the straightforward user interface is ideal for smaller devices such as smartphones and to run fast enough on Amazon Firesticks.


What are Kodi Builds?

You might think this is a new level and when you don’t you ask, what are Kodi builds? These are add-ons which offer everything as a package rather than you installing add-ons one by one. They can be great for new users who are unsure of how to install add-ons correctly.

However, these builds fall under the same umbrella as regular add-ons, and much of the content is deemed illegal in numerous countries.

Because of this, ISP’s (who collect your browsing habits) can if asked, hand over your personal details.

This then leads to copyright infringement notices being served to possibly New Zealand Kodi users, or any other user around the globe.

Second up is the geo-blocked content many of these Kodi build add-ons provide. Accessing this can be a problem without using a service such as a VPN.

Users can use Smart DNS, but these offer you nothing in protection because they don’t come with the same encryption as a top VPN service.

What is the Best VPN for Kodi?

VPN’s can be free, trials or fully paid up offerings. To start with free versions are pretty much a waste of time for anyone and not only for users in New Zealand.

Trial versions are often cut-back version of the full package and offer limited bandwidth or server coverage.

This leaves fully paid up offerings, and even this can be tricky to find the best New Zealand VPN. There are two which stand out from the crowd in performance and what they offer.

Kiwi Streamer's Recommendation
Our recommendation for the best VPN for New Zealand users is ExpressVPN. With fast speeds on all devices, servers in over 148 locations and 24/7 live chat support, ExpressVPN is reliable, trustworthy and the leading VPN service.

NordVPN reviews would lead you to think this is the best option, and it is a worthy contender because you don’t claim the number 2 spot for nothing.

With 25000+ IP Addresses available over 94 countries, there is more than enough coverage to reach New Zealand and offer the best connection speeds for streaming this content.

It doesn’t matter if you are new or advanced. ExpressVPN is super simple, to use, and unless you need a specific feature or protocol, everything is ready to go as soon as you sign up.

Aside from all the features, and the world-class VPN speeds, ExpressVPN comes with the industry-leading customer support.

They might not have telephone support, but their 24/7 365 live chat support leaves other companies in the dust.

Issues are resolved almost immediately no matter what it is. This even goes as far as their 30-day money back guarantee which is no quibble, and no questions asked of why you decide not to continue.

This VPN can stop anyone in their tracks who is trying to monitor what you are doing, or what you are watching.

Kodi builds give you everything in one place, and ExpressVPN does precisely the same and is your one-stop-shop for all things related to internet privacy and streaming content

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