Is Your Unblock US Netflix Not working Get Around the Block here

What is Unblock US?

Unblock US is a service just like VPN, which allows you to access blocked content. Unblock US routes your DNS queries via its server and dispose your actual location to the sites which require it.

Unblock US Netflix Not working

netflix America NZ

Unblock US not working anymore to access US Netflix and it is also not compatible with all streaming devices. Unblock US claims to be the better service provider than VPN’s, and it also claims to be compatible with all streaming devices. However, there is another side of the picture – both claims made by Unblock US are almost wrong.

Why does Unblock US not work for Netflix?

Netflix all the IP’s which belong to a VPN service. How Netflix get to know that a specific IP is using a VPN? Well, most of the free VPN’s like Unblock US has shared IP addresses, and a lot of people are using it. With such a loaded IP, Netflix blocks it.

Other than that, Netflix also uses some network monitoring tools to check for the IP’s of VPN and its protocols.

When you use a VPN to access Netflix, following error occurs:

” You seem to be using an unblocker or proxy. Please turn off any of these services and try again “.
However, there are some VPN’s which can somehow bypass the US Netflix proxy error message. Here is the list of these VPN’s:

Netflix blocking VPN includes:

How to unblock Netflix with VPN?

If you are using a browser like Chrome and Firefox, you can use the VPN mentioned above to access Netflix. However, if you are using Netflix app, even the above mentioned VPN’s could expose your true location, as the request to access Netflix will go through local DNS server.

Only ExpressVPN and NordVPN has figured out the problem and using one of this VPN will get you over the line. If you are living in New Zealand, best VPN’s for you are ExpressVPN and NordVPN.

unblock netflix by vpn

These two VPN’s are compatible with every device, and you will be able to access Netflix from your iPhone, Smartphone, Tablet, PC and MAC. However, if you are using Fire TV, Game Consoles, Smart TVs, and Roku, then there is no VPN app for such devices. So for these devices, you need to buy a pre-configured router.


If you are looking to access Netflix, Unblock the US is not a solution anymore. It is time to turn to VPN’s like ExpressVPN and NordVPN, but if you still want to use VPN’s that do not unblock Netflix, router configuration is the possible solution for you.

netflix America NZ

You can access US Netflix in New Zealand by using the VPN’s mentioned above. Now you will be able to get the solution for why is my American Netflix not working.

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