How to Watch AMC in New Zealand

American Movie Classics used to focus on the very old black and white movies. As things change, the company went through some rebranding and a change in its offering. The AMC TV service was born.

The final content programming took a little experimentation, and then one show caught the attention of the public. Mad Men stood out and was widely acclaimed around the globe.

AMC followed this up with one of the best TV shows ever created, Breaking Bad. This wasn’t just a ground-breaking show, but it changed the way people began to watch TV.

American Movie Classics in new Zealand

Since then, the network has never looked back, and there are countless viewers around the globe who wish to access the network.

The good thing is it is one of the easiest to access for cord-cutting, with the use of a VPN service, and the login details of a streaming service.

This guide shows the best ways to watch AMC online. You can do this from anywhere, and before seeing how to gain access to the AMC streaming service, we will see what the network has to offer viewers.

What is AMC?

Lust like other great services, such as Netflix, Hulu, BBC, and others. AMC has its own unique TV shows that you can’t find anywhere else.

With the best AMC shows such as The Walking Dead andspin-offs Fear The Walking Dead. NOS4A2, Preacher, The Bureau, A Discovery of Witches, and extras from Better Call Saul, and many more.

Aside from a plethora of great shows and many extras are thrown in, there is still the movie side, and there are many classic movies on offer.

When you access the site with a VPN, you will see there is some free content, yet the good stuff requires you to sign in.

All of the later options allow you to do this, or you can access the network through that particular service.

There is AMC Premier you can sign up for, this delivers extra content to the regular AMC network and comes ad-free.

Not only this, but there are sister networks you have access to such as BBC America with Killing Eve fame, IFC, Sundance TV, and Sundance.

The AMC app runs on Roku, Chromecast, Fire TV, and Apple TV. This makes watching on the big screen easy.

For on the go, there is the AMC app for Android and iOS. You can download full episodes and then take them on the go with you, and watch without a connection.

Here are some solutions to watch an AMC show for every cord-cutter out there.

Where to Watch AMC Online

PlayStation Vue

While it has the name of a gaming console, you don’t need one to sign up for this service. It comes with four different plans to cover a broad range of features.

  • Access – $49.99 – popular live TV
  • Core – $54.99 – sports and popular live TV
  • Elite – $64.99 – movies, sports, and popular live TV
  • Ultra – $84.99 – movies, sport, and premiums

With the larger plans, there are over 85 channels, and you can stream to 5 devices with one account. You also have a cloud DVR that you can record 500 programs, which last for 28 days.

Device support covers Smart TV’s, Roku, Sony game consoles, Android, and iOS, among others.

Every plan includes AMC, and PlayStation Vue comes with a 5-day free trial.

YouTube TV and AMC

YouTube TV

There are 70+ TV channels you can choose from, and this is accompanied by free unlimited cloud DVR (lasts for 9 months). You can have 6 accounts per house on the one account.

There is only one plan that costs $49.99 per month, or $54.99 if you go through Apple. The Premier channel from AMC costs an extra $5 per month.

There is lots of device support such as Chromecast, Smart TV’s, Xbox One, Apple, and Android TV’s iOS, and Android.

There is a 7-day free trial on offer and is one of the few to offer Premier as an add-on. YouTube TV is now available all over the US, where before it was restricted to certain areas. However, some of the channels are region restricted.

A VPN will need to allow server changes to city level to gain access to some channels.

Sling TV

This can be one of the cheapest ways to access an AMC live stream. There are two base plans and a combination of both.

Each of these, the Sling Orange, and the Sling Blue offer different channels, whereas the combination package includes the best of both.

AMC is available in the Sling Blue plan or the combination. Prices are as follows. There used to be a free trial, but Sling TV now opts for the discount on the first month.

  • Sling Blue – $25 (40% discount for new subscribers) $15 for first month
  • Sling Orange – $25 (40% discount for new subscribers) $15 for first month
  • Blue/Orange – $40 per month after the 40% discount ($25 first month)

Device support covers Browsers, iOS and Android, Apple-TV, Roku, Smart TVs, Fire TV, and Chromecast.

Cloud DVR costs and extra $5 per month. This allows you to fast forward through ads, retain the content as long as you are a customer, record multiple shows at once. You have 50 hours of recording available.


Although fuboTV is known as the world’s only sports-focused live TV streamer, they have expanded their offerings and now have over 100+ channels to choose from.

It is along with the YouTube offering, one that offers Premier from AMC at an additional $4.99 per month; this makes it a complete solution to watch AMC without cable.

There is a one-week free trial, and then the cost is $54.99. This comes with 30 hours of cloud DVR, and a unique feature in case you don’t hit the record button.

You can replay almost all games, shows, or movies that were shown in the previous 3-days.

The device support covers everything from browsers, Android, and iOS to TV’s and Smart TV’s.

There are plenty of customization options, so for fans of sport, this can be a great addition to watch a sport live stream, as well as the fantastic shows on AMC.

Other worthy mentions are Hulu with Live TV (7-days free then $44.99), and Philo TV (7 days free plus an extra 5 after you enter billing info, $20)

These were not included with the full options above even though they have free trials. On occasion, Hulu can cause problems when it comes to paying, and Philo has limited channel choice compared to other services.

Unblock AMC using VPN

Watching AMC with a VPN Service

Unless you are a resident in the USA, all of the above services will throw up errors when users try to access them.

A couple of them will not even allow you to access the webpage, Sling being a prime example.

Users will need to make use of a VPN to access these streaming sites or use the apps. However, selecting a VPN for use in New Zealand isn’t an easy option.

There are hundreds of VPN providers, yet not all support remote regions very well, and not all of them cater to every streaming company or have a wide range of device support.

The reason these have these geo-restrictions is licensing rights. On occasion, some shows maybe are broadcast in different regions, yet there can be a significant delay in the airdate.

VPN’s get around this problem by taking your internet connection and encrypting it. Along with this, the software will change your IP address and replace it with a new one. This means you can select a server in certain countries the VPN supports.

The best VPN’s allow you to select different cities in certain countries. This can be crucial to gain access to all the channels some services offer.

The best streaming VPN is ExpressVPN. This passes geo-restrictions easily and allows users to select
from 90+ countries. In the USA, where all these services are located, there are several city options, so you can get around most of the region restrictions.

Aside from this, this top class VPN app delivers the fastest speeds on your connection, so there will be no buffering of your content.

To make sure this VPN provider meets all your needs, you can sign up and take full advantage of the 30-day money-back guarantee.

You can use this just like a free trial and cancel if you so wish before the month expires.

Once you change the country to the USA, you can sign up for all the above services, and make use of their free trial to see if they offer enough.

The main advantage of this is you can watch an AMC live stream free for as long as the period lasts.

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