How to Watch BBC iPlayer in New Zealand

If you are reading this article, that means you are either a UK resident traveling abroad or a big fan like me and many other New Zealanders who want to watch all of the other great shows and broadcasts that are only available for UK residents.

Before we start, let’s clear somethings first. What is BBC iPlayer? In the simplest of terms, BBC iPlayer is a TV catch-up service, which is free for all UK residents.

BBC iPlayer in NZ

You can watch previously aired TV shows, dramas, movies, radio broadcasts, etc.Anything that has already been aired is available to watch once more. Unfortunately, there is support for BBC iPlayer New Zealand at the moment.

You can pretty easily watch BBC iplayer online; it’s not that complicated. All you need to do is get a UK IP address for your device. Once that is done, you can do an iplayer BBC download and watch everything on the BBC iplayer app. There are two ways that you can do this, first is through the use of VPN services, and second through a proxy.

How do VPN’s work?


Once you subscribe to their services and download a VPN client, your computer will be connected to the VPN service providers’ network as long as the client is active. This network will connect to the internet on your behalf, and all the data will pass through their servers.

To access any region-restricted content like the BBC iPlayer app, all you have to do is connect to a server located in the UK, and then use the app or their website to start streaming whatever you so desire. Simple as that.

There are a couple of VPN services that are best suited for streaming:

ExpressVPN: A very well-rounded service, used by hundreds of thousands of people worldwide, provides top-quality services at a good price.

expressvpn how it works

• With servers in over 94 countries and more than 145 different locations worldwide, it has the largest networks I have ever seen.
• Comes with 30-day full money back guarantee, no questions asked. In case you don’t like their service, you get your full money back.
• With unlimited bandwidth and speed, it is ideal for streaming videos and shows online as they require a good connection to start with. ALL VPN providers will reduce your internet speed by at least 15 to 40%, so a fast VPN service provider is a must have.
• 256-bit data encryption for that added protection.

NordVPN: This one is a little bit slower but provides extra security options in

• Up to 40% off, can get it for as low as $3.29 a month depending on which plan you go for.
• Multiple protocols to choose from which can have as high as 2048-bit of encryption.
• Double data encryption for that something special.
• 660+ servers in over 57 countries worldwide.
• Extremely simple and easy to use UI.
• Can support up-to 6 devices.

Whether its BBC news you’re after or want BBC iplayer Eastenders, by using the above method or a SmartDNS proxy which does the same thing as VPN but without any extra features such as encryption, data protection etc, you can have it all.

Unlocator is a great proxy which is available at almost half the price at most VPN services.

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