How to Watch Cricket Online in NZ

Cricket is the most popular sports in the world after football (actual football not rugby), it is watched by people of all ages and ethnicities, a sport that brings people together, and for a good reason.

There are many different places us New Zealanders can watch the world cup cricket live streaming, or perhaps The Ashes. On apps such as the BBC iPlayer and channels like Star Sports among others, there is live cricket streaming free of charge.

But the problem is, they all come with some restriction. Like the BBC iPlayer for example, although it is free, it’s only available for UK residents.

Watch Cricket Online in NZ

how to stream cricket live

What can we do to bypass this?

I’m glad you asked. The answer is pretty simple; you either use a VPN service or a smart DNS proxy.

Why do I need these kinds of services?

You see, your computer, mobile or any other device capable of browsing the internet has something called an IP address. Websites use this IP to identify your physical location, and based on that, they either restrict some content in your region or allow it. For example, if I tried to access the BBC iPlayer from here in New Zealand, I won’t be able to. Will get an error saying this app is restricted in your country or something along those lines.

Those YouTube videos that sometimes give you the error “The uploader has not made this video available in your country” works the same way.

How will a VPN/Proxy fix this?

Another great question! A VPN provider will connect your computer to their network, and everything you do will be done through one of their servers.

Meaning if one of their servers is located in the UK, we can easily connect to it and use the iPlayer app as much as we want without any restrictions.

A proxy like the Unlocator works the same as well, but it doesn’t have any extra features like a VPN service, although it is much faster.

Because a VPN service always connects you to the internet through their servers, your internet speed is slowed down by about 15 to 40% depending on the VPN.

So it is essential that you choose a VPN service that reduces your connection speed the least. It of course also has to be cheap and provide a great service. Keeping these requirements in mind, we have a couple of options to choose from to be able to watch world cup cricket online:

ExpressVPN: – Fastest VPN in New Zealand ExpressVPN Fastest VPN in New Zealand

• Massive network, spanning over 94 countries and 145 different locations.
• 30-day money back guarantee
• Simple and easy to use
• 256-bit data encryption

NordVPN: – Super Secure VPN NordVPN Super Secure VPN

• Well over 650 servers located in 57 countries and counting.
• Several packages and some are extremely cheap.
• Few different protocols with one providing 2048-bits of encryption for your data.
• Peer to peer traffic is allowed and unobstructed.
• Many other small features that give you a lot of variabilities and help make your experience even better.

how to stream cricket live

Any of them will help get you free cricket streaming and give you many other options to choose from.

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