How to Watch DirecTV Online in NZ

DirecTV, the digital satellite television service from AT&T, is one of the best in terms of customer satisfaction. It offers more HD channels than its competitors and the Genie DVR that comes with it, can record up to 200 hours of HD content.

And with DirecTV, you get exclusive access to NFL live matches, NFL RedZone and other premium features with the NFL Sunday Ticket. So, let’s see how to watch live DirecTV anywhere.

How to watch DirecTV on my computer?

DirecTV comes with a range of packages and depending on the choice you may have about 150+ to 300+ channels to watch. The Entertainment package at USD40 per month stands suitable for most users and has channels like AMC, ESPN and Discovery Channel among others.

watch DirecTV on my computer

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You can keep up with many of the TV shows with the 150+ channels available in the Entertainment package. And for a complete movie package, you can go for the higher Premier pack. It has a range of HBO, Showtime and Starz channels, and also Cinemax.

No matter which package you take, you get all the primary channels like Disney, History, CNN and Syfy among others. The availability of local channels though depends on individual contracts and tie-ups. By the way, if you are thinking, can I watch DirecTV on my computer? Yes, you can.

Get your PC on the same Wi-Fi network as your Genie DVR and watch live channels or movies and TV shows on-demand.

If you get an error on the website of DirecTV, “Sorry we ran into a problem. Please restart the video player”, update the Flash Player. If the problem persists, clear browser history and cookies, and relaunch your browser. The error should be gone now.

For mobile devices, there is the DirecTV Everywhere app. You can watch live TV streaming and also download the content recorded by the Genie. The online service comes free with your DirecTV contract, and you don’t need to pay anything extra.

Watch DirecTV in New Zealand

DirecTV satellite TV services in NZWell, you can’t get the DirecTV satellite TV services in NZ, but there is the standalone streaming service – DirecTV Now. Similar to the TV service, DirecTV Now also has different packs according to your requirements.

The lowest priced package has around 60 channels and is priced at USD35 per month, while the USD70 package has 120+ channels. But you get the first week for free, as a trial. Unlike the satellite TV service, there is no annual contract with Now, and you can exit anytime.

You register for the service, pay the price and the requested channels are then unlocked.DirecTV support devices
Moreover, if you want extra channels, you can add them separately instead of upgrading the package. And when you are ready with your selection, you can watch DirecTV on two of your favourite devices at a time.

The devices that support DirecTV are Roku TV, Apple TV and Amazon Fire TV devices. Then, you can download its app on Android or iOS devices or watch it on your PC or Mac browsers. And what more? You can log into apps like HBO, Fox and others with your DirecTV credentials.

Amazing, isn’t it? The only problem is that DirecTV Now also, is available only to the US viewers. But there is an easy workaround, and that’s using a VPN.

DirecTV VPN service

With the best VPN NZ has, you can get past any region restrictions imposed by service providers like DirecTV. Companies impose geo-restrictions based on the user’s IP address and VPNs spoof that address.

DirecTV and VPNExpressVPN is a known name among the VPN providers, and when you connect to its servers in America, you get a US IP address.

And when your connection is successful, you can also watch other US streaming like Netflix, Hulu Plus and others. ExpressVPN download, for example, is available on a broad range of streaming devices. So, whatever machine you use for online streaming, you sure can setup ExpressVPN on it.

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And not only have you got a host of unblocked services, but a VPN connection also offers encryption.

Thus, hiding your web activity from the outside world. You can enjoy your favourite channels, shows and movies in full privacy.

Other than VPNs, there are ways like proxy servers and SmartDNS systems, but I still prefer the VPN way.

While the proxy websites don’t always work, SmartDNS servers lack the encryption (and the privacy) offered by the VPN servers.

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