How to Watch On My Block Online in NZ

Netflix brings out many TV shows hoping to be the next big thing. The surprise smash hit about street-savvy friends navigating through triumph, pain, high school, and gang life on the rough inner-city Los Angeles Streets where they live.

Season 2 carried on the snowball of favorable reviews, and the show was even in the MTV awards along the likes of Avengers Endgame.

While this comedy about four bright friends is humorous, it does have some dark undertones in the plot of gritty inner-city life and how easy it is to become embroiled in this kind of life.

Netflix brings On My Block Online in NZ

Fans of the show outside the USA are keen to catch up with the exploits of the bright street-savvy friends.

Therefore, this guide shows that watching American Netflix in NZ is much easier than you think when you use the best streaming VPN.

After a quick look at the show and the cast, we will show how easy it can be to watch On My Block online.

On My Block Cast and Show

The show is one of many Netflix original series; this means there is no other place you can find it online. Jeremey Haft, Lauren Lungerich and Eddie Gonzalez wrote the smash hit show.

The coming of age comedy follows the street savvy friends navigating their way through high school, in the streets of Los Angeles.

With 20 episodes so far, the show has gone from strength to strength. There are many escapades the friends go through around their South Central Los Angeles school.

Nevertheless, it is the rough inner-city nightlife that makes this show very different to other teen shows.

From sorting out a valentine, day date, to a load of mysterious cash and plenty of street shootings, there is never a dull day for the four friends.

Cesar and Jamal make some slightly dubious acquaintances, and an old enemy returns to the South Central neighbourhood.

The final episode of season 2 of On My Block leaves with a major cliffhanger. Season 3 may be the biggest On My Block season yet.

Now, it is time to see how you can go back and watch full episodes from season one and season two in NZ on American Netflix.

How to Watch On My Block in New Zealand

Out of all the streaming services there are, US Netflix is often seen as the hardest to access when viewers are outside of America.

However, with a good VPN service, it is easier than a few other streaming platforms to gain access to.

US Netflix does check both country IP addresses and to see if the connecting IP comes from a VPN server. A VPN can mask your IP address and assign it with a new one based on where the server is located.

Many VPN’s have multiple servers in the US. Yet, there are a few VPN providers who find they are continually blocked from Netflix access. Some fight on, but others have stopped offering this as a selling point.

Luckily, our recommendation has a long reputation for bypassing these VPN IP checks. It also bypasses geo-restrictions for all streaming services, no matter what the country.

VPN to Stream On My Block in New Zealand

How VPN’s Bypass Geo-Restrictions

Once any data leaves a user’s device, it is encrypted. This will travel along a tunnel to the exiting VPN server, and thus take on a new online identity via the IP.

To anyone who tries to see what online activities are going on, this is impossible to see.

ISP’s cannot even see what their subscribers are doing. This is good for two reason. One, if there is any data retention, then they cannot build up a user profile.

Second, they will not throttle connections when streaming as they often do. This means no buffering.

All a user has to do to gain access to US Netflix is change the VPN client to a server in the USA. Once it connects, then Netflix will think they are a US resident.

Watching US Netflix in NZ

A Netflix account can be created from any country. This makes is easier for payments, and it is what makes accessing US Netflix simpler.

If you don’t have a Netflix account, just follow these simple instructions

  1. Open the web page
  2. Click the ‘Join Free for a Month’ button.
  3. Select ‘See the Plans.’ There are three plans, basic, standard, or premium. Higher quality and stream number increases with higher plans.
  4. Enter your email address and a password
  5. Click ‘Register’
  6. Make the payment. You can pay by gift cards, PayPal, and credit cards.
  7. Click ‘Start Membership’
  8. Select your devices and then click on ‘Continue’

As you see in the first steps, Netflix offers one month free for new subscribers.

Once you have done this, you will need to sign up for the best streaming VPN. ExpressVPN is our recommendation because of its reputation and history of bypassing Netflix checks.

The signup process is three steps and can be completed from start to finish in less than thirty minutes.

Once installed, users only have to change the VPN connection to one of the US cities the VPN client lists. Once connected, it is just a matter of heading back to Netflix to start the show.

To be sure, this VPN is suitable for all users in NZ; there is a 30-day money-back guarantee. There is no argument, and it can be canceled at any time.

The great thing with this is, it is more than enough time to thoroughly test all the features and connection performance.

Add to this, if you sign up for Netflix at the same time, any NZ user can watch On My Block online, free.

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