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In this day and age, watching movies online is pretty standard practice. This doesn’t mean it is always easy. How often have you searched for a movie, only to find that there isn’t a single trustworthy link? Only spam with links to more spam.

Until you are genuinely convinced that your laptop is doomed to crash from an overload of viruses, and you quickly close all the windows.

Game of Thrones Putlocker

get putlocker in nz

Or, perhaps, just as you go to click what looks like the latest Game of Thrones episode, a black screen replaces it. Maybe with the words, ‘This content is restricted to your country’ written across it.

‘Too many times,’ would be my best guess. And it’s a shame because you know that it’s possible to watch the latest movies online. You know that other people are doing it. If only there were a simple, guaranteed way to do it.

Putlocker not working?

Introducing, Putlockers. Yes, there’s a ‘s’ at the end of this one. You might already be familiar with the original site, Putlocker. Recently, however, the original site has gone down. A new version of the site, using a similar format and precisely the same branding (adding one ‘s’) has replaced it.

So why use it?Putlocker unblock

Putlocker has been around for some time now. And with good reason. It has a massive database of shared files, and it is a relatively safe site.

Relative to other online streaming sites, that is. What’s more, is that there are often multiple links to each movie. So if one connection fails, there is likely another one beneath it as a back-up… And maybe another four or five below that.

The legal question

Many people wonder if streaming movies online are legal. Well, here’s an answer to that question: it depends. Not so satisfying, I know. The thing is, it does rely on the country you are living in.

And in New Zealand, technically there is some risk involved in watching online programs. Whether that is streaming or downloading, there is the potential for copyright infringement. On all your favourite tv series and movies. The best way to avoid this risk is to make your online activity anonymous.

VPNsvpn for putlocker

This is where our friend the VPN comes in. Virtual Private Networks are not only able to alter your geo-location, but they can make you anonymous. These useful little guys are incredibly helpful. Many people will use them to access all sorts of products that are restricted in certain countries (such as the US Netflix library).

However, if you want to watch Putlocker, VPNs can be your new best friend. They will mask your identity, and alleviate the slight risk involved in viewing content on Putlocker. Watch free movies and tv series

What is the Best VPN service for Putlocker?

Our recommendation for the best VPN for New Zealand users is ExpressVPN. With fast speeds on all devices, servers in over 148 locations and 24/7 live chat support, ExpressVPN is reliable, trustworthy and the leading VPN service for streaming.

It makes your putlocker download safe and anonymous, with a simple setup. Other VPN services like Cyberghost will also get the job done, but ExpressVPN is my personal favourite choice.

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