How to Watch Westworld Online in New Zealand

With the Westworld S2 going live in few days, let’s check out the ways to get the live Westworld streaming in New Zealand.

But did you know, the story of the Westworld TV series is based on the 1973 science fiction movie Westworld. Michael Crichton, the famous sci-fi writer, directed that movie, and it was a huge success.

With the positive response it received for the first season, Westworld is set to become a blockbuster TV show.

So, let’s see where to watch Westworld in New Zealand and get you prepared for the Season 2 premiere.

Watch series Westworld on HBO

This sci-fi thriller, set up in an amusement park full of robots, is available to watch on HBO. And to watch HBO online, you have to get HBO Now.

It is a paid service to watch HBO streaming online. At a price of USD15 a month, you have access to all the content available there.

Westworld on HBOYes, you can also watch the previous episodes of Game of Thrones, The Wire and any other HBO shows you missed watching.

Moreover, any new episodes that air on HBO are available on the site at the same time. Then, there are exclusive comedy programmes, documentaries and movies. HBO has lots of them; you know that.

HBO app is available to download for a lot of devices, and you can use it in Android, iOS and even on streaming sticks.

But because of the licensing rights, HBO Now doesn’t allow showing HBO broadcast to the users abroad. You need not worry though; there are ways to bypass this restriction.

Watch HBO in New Zealand

One of the ways to watch HBO is to sign up for the best VPN service in New Zealand. Such regional restrictions are put in place by filtering access to different IP addresses – every device has one. Every region has a separate set of addresses and HBO doesn’t allow non-US IP addresses to view its content.

But a Virtual Private Network – VPN – can help you bypass the filtering and thus, view HBO shows online.

HBO and VPNA VPN does so by virtually placing you in the US. It doesn’t matter if you are in New Zealand or Australia when you connect to a US VPN server you have an American IP address.

One such service provider is ExpressVPN. It masks your current IP address with one from the US. You won’t see the “To access HBO Now, you must reside within the fifty states if the United States of America.” error now. And VPNs also give you privacy.

With its encryption system, ExpressVPN hides all your browsing activity while you are connected to its servers.

Any data passing through your connection is routed through the secure VPN server, and none can trace it back to your IP address.

So, you can watch (and re-watch) all the episodes of Westworld without anyone knowing about it, not even HBO. Check the ExpressVPN review to see why I recommend it.

Watch HBO Now

Next step is to register for the service. Signing up is easy. You give them your name, email and credit card details and the registration is successful. Although HBO Now is available at a price of USD15 per month, the first 30 days are available for free.

HBO Now in New ZealandYou can now, log into their website and watch Westworld live but to watch it on a mobile screen; you should have access to the US app store.

It’s easy on an Android device as all you need is to connect to a US VPN server. But to download the HBO Now iOS app, you need a US Apple ID.

Open up the iTunes app on your PC, change the region to the States and create a new US ID. Now when you sign in with this ID, you will see the US app store, and also HBO Now. Download the app and enjoy. But you can skip all this hassle if you use Amazon Prime.

Watch Westworld with Amazon Prime

Westworld with Amazon PrimeAmazon offers a lot of video content through its Prime Video subscription. And alongside those, it also provides live streaming of popular TV channels including HBO.

If you already have an account with Amazon, you can pay for the HBO subscription available at USD15 for a month.

You won’t need a separate account with HBO Now and can watch the on-demand movies and TV shows there. And Amazon Prime also supports a lot of devices, and the apps are readily available in the store.

So, which path are you going to take – the easy way or the technical (but direct way) to watch HBO?

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