How to Watch Simpsons Online in New Zealand

For years, it was possible for Simpson’s fans to watch the show from their home countries. However, once FOX bought the rights, things changed.

It is only possible to watch Simpsons online inside the USA online. Unless you want to purchase the show from the Microsoft Store or the Google Play Store, there are not many choices left.

This change did bring Simpsons World, which has all the episodes of The Simpsons available, yet for fans outside the USA, this still faces restrictions.

watch the Simpsons in New Zealand

This guide will take a look at the show because things are about to change again. Yet, by the end, you will know where to watch the Simpsons online in New Zealand.

The Simpsons So Far

With 668 episodes, The Simpsons are the longest-running animated show ever. It follows the exploits of Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa and Maggie who make up the family.

Aside from this are plenty of colourful characters from the town of Springfield.

So far, season 30 recently finished, and season 31 is due to begin on October 2019. There are many who think the FOX show is losing some of its fan base, yet there is still a massive demand.

There are many of the generations who grew up with the show that are die-hard fans and will keep watching it as long as it airs.

It even went to social media to ask how the show should end. Users could pick the ending, yet some were quite absurd, and as of yet, there is no sign of the show finishing.

Fans who have not yet seen season 30 are in for a sublime treat. While there are the same regular farcical exploits, there are some subtle quips about the changes to the show.

One Tweet was posted about welcoming The Simpsons to Disney.

All through the full episodes, the characters made remarks about Disney and all the products and services that are soon to change.

With a show that can still top the viewing ratings such as episode 15, 101 Mitigations, there is still lots going for the show, and it may be one of the reasons there are major changes coming.

Streaming the Simpsons online

Where to Watch the Simpsons Online

The show was taken over by FOX, and since then, the places to watch the Simpsons online streaming has been reduced dramatically.

Here we will see where you can currently watch full episodes of The Simpsons online.

Fox Network

FOX has their website and the FX Now app. If you look for any of The Simpsons shows on the site, you will be disappointed.

You need to sign up for the FX Now app to gain access. While this itself does not have any Simpsons episodes, it does allow subscribers to access Simpsons World.

This is a dedicated site which contains everything to do with the Simpsons, with no other TV shows, it is 100% Simpsons episodes, extras, clips, and features.

While this sounds good for Simpsons fans, there is one hitch. It needs a TV supplier to sign in to the service.

Luckily, the following options will allow you access to the service using their login credentials. However, these again need a VPN service to bypass geo-restrictions that are in place.

Sling TV

This service definitely requires a VPN because you cannot access the website if you are outside the USA.

Once users have a VPN in place, they can see it is an affordable option. There are full episodes albeit only for season one to season twenty-nine. One other downside is Sling no longer offers a free trial but rather 40% off your first month’s subscription.

It comes with two base plans Sling Blue and Sling Orange. These are $25 per month after the first month.

To access FXX and the Simpsons, you need the Sling Orange plan, or the more expensive Orange & Blue, which takes the best of both. This is $40 after the first month.


This used to be just a sporting channel, yet since branched out to cover more channels. The FXNow app can be accessed with the base package at $54.99 per month. This will give access to Simpsons World and all the episodes.

Other plans available are Family ($59.99), Entertainment (69.99) and Ultra ($79.99). Device compatibility is good with browsers, Android & iOS, FireTV, Roku and Apple TV plus more having full support.

This service does come with 7 days free to test all the services.

Hulu with Live TV

Hulu comes with FXX as one of its channels, yet if you want to watch the Simpsons online stream live, you will need the live TV plan.

Hulu offer three plans in total

  • Hulu with ads: $5.99 per month – 1-month free trial
  • Hulu without ads: $11.99 per month – 1-month free trial
  • Hulu with live TV: $44.99 per month – 1-week free trial.

There are over 60 channels to choose from, and it does come with its own TV shows as well as. These Hulu Originals are on par with what rivals Netflix offer.

If you are content to watch Simpsons episodes after they have aired, then the base plans offer great value.

However, to watch FOX online stream, the more expensive plan is the only choice. However, it still comes in under the price of the previous options above.

There is lots of device compatibility with Apple TV’s, Desktops, Amazon Fire, Roku, Xbox, iOS and Android mobile devices plus more having full support.

YouTube TV and PlayStation Vue are two more alternative streaming services you can turn to watch Simpsons World or log into the FX Now app.

These fall in line with what these other common services offered. Channels available are similar, and device coverage is much the same.

They have FOX in their channel listings and allow you to use the FX Now app.

The same features are on offer with the app, you can stream full episodes, and you can restart your TV or resume where you left off.

You can also save your favourite episodes with the app. This differs the cloud DVR that some of the streaming services offer. This means you can save episodes to watch later. (Here’s how to get Hulu in NZ)

Recommended VPN to Watch the Simpsons online

Watching the Simpsons with a VPN

Before detailing the changes that are coming to The Simpsons, we will see how to use a VPN to gain access to any of the above services.

A VPN will mask your connection and change your original IP address to one of the country or location where the outgoing VPN connection emerges.

In this example, users will go into the VPN client and change the server to one of the multiple locations inside the USA.

From this point forward, users will appear to be in America. One quick way to test is to head to the Sling website, now there will be access instead of a message.

The recommendation of ExpressVPN is the best streaming VPN for New Zealand. It delivers the fastest streaming speeds and bypasses all geo-restrictions easily.

To sign up for this VPN is very easy, and all it takes is your email address, select one plan, and then the payment method.

Currently, there are three months free when signing up for 12 months, which makes this premium, service a bargain.

To fully test this VPN; users can make use of an industry-leading 30-day money-back guarantee. You can use this like a free trial to use with any of the above services.

Changes for the Simpsons

All the above services allow access to full episodes of The Simpsons; however, there are big changes coming on November 12, 2019. Disney+ will be the exclusive streaming service for the Simpsons.

All this came about with their purchase of 21st Century Fox. With a controlling stake in Hulu, things will be very different by later this year where it can be possible to watch The Simpsons online stream as easy as it is now.

One thing for sure is, it is better to sign up for this VPN now and connect to an American VPN server, and do this leaving you a month to spare.

Once this change to The Simpson happens and all 30 seasons are available on Disney+.

There may not be any more Simpsons World to access, and the new home could be Hulu, or another Disney location altogether.

It is hard to say where the Simpsons will reside, but the best streaming VPN for New Zealand will not be going anywhere, so it will be a great option wherever you will find The Simpsons later this year.

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