How to Watch Hanna Online in New Zealand

Hanna follows the journey of an extraordinary girl raised in the forest by her father. As much as it is a high-concept thriller, it is also a coming of age drama, Hanna sees a young girl leave the forest as she evades the government agent to fight for her life.

The TV show gripped viewers who are eager for season 2 Hanna to show its face, but until then, they want to go back and watch the action again.

After a look at the cast and the show, we will see where to watch Hanna online and how you can get around any border restrictions there may be.

Watch Hanna Online anytime

What is Hanna?

Hanna is the TV adaption of a 2011 movie of the same name back in 2011 and directed by Joe Wright. This brought some major faces to the big screen such as Saoirse Ronan playing the star of the movie Hanna.

In the movie, her father was portrayed by Eric Bana of Troy fame and many other great shows and movies.

The concept was very similar to the show. Hanna was raised in the forest, yet the father character was a little colder in the movie than on TV.

The movie saw an extraordinary young girl raised in the forest, and it followed the trials and tribulations of the couple as they evaded the CIA operative who was chasing them.

The TV show now sees Hanna (Saoirse) in the movie played by newcomer Esme Creed Miles.

She comes from great acting parents, and her mother is none other than Samantha Morton of The Walking Dead, Harlots, Rillington Place, and Minority Report fame, among many others.

She is raised by her father Erik is brought to life by Joel Kinnaman. He has seen his fair share of top movies and TV shows with The Killing, Altered Carbon, House of Cards and Robocop (reboot) fame.

He rescues baby Hanna and sneaks her way deep into the forest. Here they live, and not bothered by anyone, until 15 years later.

She has been taught how to hunt and kill to standards that would put any assassin to shame.

Hanna ventures out of her comfort zone and catches the attention of an off-book CIA agent Marissa played by Mireille Enos (also of The Killing fame with Kinnaman).

As we follow the journey of an extraordinary girl who has been hunted by Marissa since her birth, she evades the relentless pursuit of the CIA to unearth the truth of her existence.

The father daughter relationship is much warmer than the movie, and Erik, although not her biological father loves her as his own.

The tension builds toward the last episode of Hanna season one, and things are left open for the second season as we see a familiar way the show was brought to an end just as if Game of Thrones did in season one.

Without adding a spoiler, one of the main characters meets a different end to the first season of Hanna than some of the others. This leaves season two open for a very different direction.

Now, we will look at where to watch Hanna, and what roadblocks are in the way to watch it in New Zealand and how to get around them.

Where to Watch Hanna Online

To contend with the likes of Netflix and Hulu, Amazon has its own Prime Video streaming service. This comes with some original movies and TV shows.

Amazon Prime is available in a large number of countries, yet following in the same vein as these other streaming services, a lot of the content is only available in the USA.

Hence, Hanna is in the US Amazon library, so outside of America, viewers face geo-restrictions when trying to access this show or any others.

To gain access, you need to have a Prime account and a VPN service to make the Prime service think you are inside America or any other country where the content has rights to be viewed.

Here we look at a few questions users need to know before signing up.

What is Prime Video?

This is a subscription service, yet there are many services included rather than merely streaming great content. As a Prime subscriber, you can obtain quicker shipping from Amazon as well as discounts.

The media streaming is a benefit, which goes along with this. The video side deals with movies and TV shows while you also get music streaming as part of your bundle.

Amazon has made some serious investments into the video side, such as the Original show Hanna, and a few years ago, The Grand Tour with Jeremy Clarkson.

What Devices Can I Use for Prime Video?

Now, there are many devices you can use to access the video content. Android devices, Android TV’s, iOS devices (including iPhones, iPads, and Apple TVs), and Amazon streamers FireStick/ TV, etc. There is also a web version you can use if your device isn’t supported.

VPN to unblock Hanna TV Series

What is a VPN?

A VPN or Virtual Private Network is a service where all of your connection data is encrypted.

This passes along a VPN company’s tunnel and can emerge in a different country. As a result, your IP address now comes from that country.

These are just the effects of this, as the main purpose was originally for remote workers to connect to their office privately.

Using a VPN doesn’t just mask your IP address to bypass these geo-restrictions; it stops anyone from seeing what you are doing when online.

ISP’s are renowned for slowing connections when there is a lot of streaming to save bandwidth. With a good VPN service, they cannot see this, so they won’t slow your connection.

Does Amazon Block VPN’s?

All large streaming services have the capability to block VPN’s from accessing their services. Because of this, especially in New Zealand, it is essential to make sure your VPN can bypass these restrictions.

The larger the VPN network, the more chances they have of bypassing or getting around the checks Amazon makes for VPN use.

Signing Up For Amazon Prime

To become a Prime member, you can follow these easy guidelines

  1. Head to the following website
  2. Click on “Try Prime”
  3. Select the plan you want. You can sign up for Video as a standalone plan for $8.99, or you can go for the full plan, which is $12.99 per month or $119 per year.
  4. If you are very new, you will need to create an Amazon account as well as the Prime membership.
  5. Click “Create Your Amazon Account.” Just add your name, email, and password. To be safe, set-up two-factor authentication.
  6. You will receive a one-time password (OTP) to the supplied email. Copy this and paste into the Amazon page you have open. Click Verify.
  7. Add your payment details.

For new subscribers, to Watch with Prime, you start your 30-day free trial when you begin the signing up process.

Signing Up For an Amazon VPN

  1. Head to the ExpressVPN website
  2. Click the ‘Get ExpressVPN’ button or the ‘Get Started’ button.
  3. Select plan.
  4. Enter email address
  5. Select payment option.
  6. Receive confirmation email
  7. Download the app for your devices – 5 simultaneous connections
  8. Install the VPN client app

As soon as you install and the VPN connects, you are protected.

When you open the client, you see a large power button with your current location underneath. To bypass the geo-restrictions for Amazon, click on the three dots at the side of your current location.

You have recommended locations, all locations, and the smart location (optimal location).

When you wish to change the country, you select a city from the United States option. This will stop your internet connection while it changes the server and connects.

For the Amazon service or any other streaming service, you will have an American IP address.

You can now either use the app or the website or search to watch Hanna episode 1.

Under the episode description, you will see the Orange “Watch with Prime” button. Click this and it should take you to the video and start to play.

The recommended VPN can be installed on all the devices, which are compatible with Prime streaming, aside from this, there is a VPN extension for Chrome of Firefox-based browsers that allow you to control the app directly from your browser. This can be ideal if you are watching via the web.

One other great thing is they offer a no argument 30-day money-back guarantee, this means you can sign up in tandem with Amazon, and use this period to watch Hanna online free before deciding if Amazon is the right streaming service for you.

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